Nintendo says Wii U production continuing on

Coming from a Nintendo rep...

“There is no change to our continuing [Wii U] production. Even though the Nintendo Switch is slated to go on sale, [Wii U] production is scheduled to continue.”

The Nintendo rep says the Eurogamer report stating that Wii U production was coming to an end this week "was not true." I guess consumers will still have a shot at grabbing a Wii U between now and the Switch launch.

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I would expect them to drop the price big time.

But only after the NS is out. way after.

I actually expected them to drop the price awhile ago.

One of the reasons for the Wii U was that they resuded to drop its price... ;(

Yeah they probably should have dropped the price some time ago.

Wed Nov 02 16 08:38am
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They can't stop because Zelda U is coming out for it. I say 2018 they will stop production or continue to sell the Wii U at a big slash at $99 - $150 when Switch releases next year. Not a good Gen for Nin on Wii U but they are proving to the fans that they are still behind the system until they officially say no more on hardware & software from them, 3rd party to indie.

If Zelda was cancelled on the U and only come to NS they could just drop the price food and make ot an indie console.

That is a good move they can do.

What are you saying?
It's good to not release Zelda on Wii U? O_o
That would actually be a big bummer.. X_x

Opps, bad me. No its not good at all because it would show us Nin has shafted us again & they need to fullfill that so we don't view it as unsupported. But there will be few in which will pick up both versions (Mii) so I can't wait for March 17!

If they drop the price now it could hurt NS sales. Specially since Zelda is coming to both.

Yes sure. I didn't think about that.

I wonder if Eurogamer stopped to think what this "announcement" would do to publishers still putting out product for the wii u. What trash.

Nintendo said that NX would more likely be multiple devices than be a single hybrid console. Then, the Nintendo Switch was revealed as a hybrid console. Nintendo said that the Switch is a home console first and foremost, but the reveal trailer emphasized its portability. Now Nintendo is saying that the Switch is not a successor for the 3DS. No one believes it. Now Nintendo is saying that the Wii U production will continue. No one believes that either. Nintendo's consumers can no longer believe what Nintendo tells us. Nintendo has lost the trust of its consumers.

Wed Nov 02 16 09:02am
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Wii U production is now ending next week instead of this week. lol

Wed Nov 02 16 09:50am
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Nintendo says a lot of things.


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