RUMOR - Switch to be powerful in a different way from Xbox One/PS4

I know the tweet above isn't exactly worded in a way that makes a ton of sense, but the person behind that tweet is well vetted and respected. It does make you wonder what kind of power would be in use here. January 12th can't get here soon enough!

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Fri Nov 04 16 09:17pm
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Fri Nov 04 16 09:03pm
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Classic Nintendo "powerful" - doing some magic with limited resources AND not overloading the memory (so that the Switch stays cool and saves energy?)

That doesn't make much sense. I know that the twins tend to be on the lower end when it comes to CPUs but have been GPUs. Is this just the reverse? Or is there some tongue-in-cheek meaning to this? Maybe the power draw is ridiculously high?

Power in game variety?

I mean, I'll be good with the Switch having good exclusive type of games. I'm all set for things that come everywhere else.

Fri Nov 04 16 09:17pm
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Fri Nov 04 16 09:22pm
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Exactly, it will be accessory-powerful. Whatever that will look like. I really mean that lol

-Perhaps the answer is to be found in the Switch's controller docking base...

It'll be powerful at monitoring your health probably

It would be very... uh... "special" if they dug up the heart monitor accessory for the Switch.

... really hope they don't go pushing that angle again. -_-;

Maybe more memory efficient

The power of Christ compels you.

Wasn't there a patent for external additional hardware power or something like that...?

That's a good way of not saying anything.


Analysts are always wrong.

I'd rather if it were just straight-up powerful.

Now you're playing with Power.

Fri Nov 04 16 10:06pm
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It's sexy. Except my Xbox One S is pretty darn sexy. Hmm...

Sezy like something aborted from gates ballmer and specter??? 😂

If it's more balanced between CPU and GPU, it would be powerful in a different way. And really, they really need that. Unbalanced architecture just mean bottlenecks in most cases... and PS4 and XBone both have bottlenecky CPUs.

Remember when people said that the Wii U was powerful? Yeah, same story here...

Fri Nov 04 16 10:24pm
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It'll be powerful in FUN.


This doesn't sound good. I'm hearing alarm bells going off and getting a severe case of deja vu.

To be fair, the Wii had excellent shading skills compared to the Xbox 360 and used it to their advantage every time they could.

Fri Nov 04 16 11:16pm
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It has the power to cause useless tweets like this one.

Fri Nov 04 16 11:46pm
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Oh huh!

What if it is powerful due to cloud based processing.
Like I worked for a company where we could use chrome books to run maya and do full lighting renders by streaming to servers that ran all the software for us. And it had very low latency.

It would be quite a curveball if they went that way.

He probably means powerful in terms of versatility. You know, like the switch being a home console and portable and able to use different attachments.


Sat Nov 05 16 12:31am
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Click on the Tweet to see his follow up tweets and more details. I'm not much of a techie, so I don't really know what it means.
Edit: Good for open world games apparently.

it's mostly on nvidia though, they even went as far as create a predictable doom platform known as shield in order to make their mark on the "rely on battery gpu" market. The good thing might be the lack of real affordable "gaming" laptop and the laughable gpu abilities of the other laptops. In that light, whatever the switch is, it's a massive improvement.
... but there are only 11 millions active steam users so that market can't be that big


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