North America - Excitebike 64 coming to Wii U VC tomorrow

Race the dirt roads, and stun the crowd with your style!

Grind your way through the extreme sport of motocross, and attempt over a dozen outrageous tricks, such as heel clickers, cliffhangers, and bar hops! Select from six different riders—each with their own unique style—and race across 20 stadium tracks and outdoor courses. You can also create your very own courses or race against up to four friends.

Hub page here (thanks TheDreamingHawk!)

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Yes! This game was my jam back in the day. Though is their going to be licensing issues? I thought there were Yamaha and real racers in this?

It could go one of two ways based on how Nintendo has handled both VC re-releases of Wave Race 64:

1) They remove the non-Nintendo product placement and swap out the textures for something new (Wave Race 64's VC release on the Wii removed the Kawasaki logos and replaced them with logos for the Wii and DS).

2) They've worked out the licensing issues so it'll remain unchanged (surprisingly the Wii U VC release of Wave Race 64 keeps the old Kawasaki logos, meaning maybe Nintendo and Kawasaki worked out a deal so the Wii U VC release could be more of a straight emulation of the N64 game as it launched back in 1996).

Looks like the latter. In the screenshots, all the various brands are still in the game.

This is a must have. I'm glad to see ExciteBike 64 on Virtual Console!


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