Wave Race trademark filed in Europe

Well now, this is an interesting find. A new trademark for Wave Race has been filed in Europe by Nintendo. We have no idea why the trademark was filed just now. Could this just be Nintendo protecting its trademarks, or is there a plan to use the name once again?

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Oh shit. There was a rumor a couple of weeks back about NST working on two or three new games. Could it be?

This isn't happening. No way. I refuse to believe it.

It has to be a renewal. There's no way NST would be allowed to work on anything good.

Just need Pilotwings now to complete the N64 launch throwback :p

Seriously, though. This better not just be a VC re-release, but a brand new Wave Race!

Nintendo will let me down again. It's what they do.

I'm a big fan of the Wave Race games, but I don't believe I could be this lucky, so I'm not going to get excited.

Been wishing for a new Wave Race for so long. Do I dare get my hopes up?

I'll have my Mii ready to go.

It's probably as simple as they're about to release it on the Wii U Virtual Console or something like that.

If it is a new Wave Race, I won't be happy unless Kazumi Totaka is composing. Seriously, dat Wave Race 64 soundtrack...

I'm still waiting for my Eternal Darkness and Diddy Kong game.

Would Nintendo really put resources into a racing game that isn't Mario Kart these days?

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