RUMOR - A look at some of the Switch's software lineup, plan for third parties

Some third parties are going to be supporting the Switch right out of the gate, but rumor has it that Nintendo's plan is to really woo in more third party support with a stellar first year for Switch. Bring in lots of consumers with an insanely-packed first party offering, which will then entice third parties through the install base. Let's hope this all pans out! Thanks to Dakhil for the heads up!

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A reboot for a 2000ish franchise with only 3 games? Okay then.

Might have four games if Pikmin 3DS comes out by then.
Though, I'm assuming it's just a story reboot.

Still seems weird because, if anything, the story was getting really interesting with all the stuff implied by the final boss in Pikmin 3.

Heck, it was interesting with the stuff that was implied by the final boss description in PIkmin 2.

welcome to next gen..........

''Aim to get system moving enough to encourage 3rd party 2018 onwards?''

Ok so where are these big so called 3rd parties for the 3DS? The system has install based of over 40m & yet 3rdparties have yet to flock to it. That there tells you there is a conspiracy with how 3rdparties treat Nin.

where are these big so called 3rd parties for the 3DS

*points at Japan*

When I retire I'll make sure its not in the west for sure.

Sun Nov 20 16 02:23pm
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Looks like I have no reason to get a Switch till 2018. This is good for me cause I'm not getting Switch until I am certain third parties aren't going to bail ship.

According to the internet, they already did.

And if a lot of OTHER potential buyers feel the exact same way? Then you're looking at Wii U 2.0.

Nintendo not releasing Smash, Zelda, Metroid, Mario and Pokemon day one?

Clearly, they killed themselves.

Sun Nov 20 16 02:55pm
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I swear to God I'm going to see an early screening of Rogue One and spoil it for Laura, Emily, and every other rumor-monger who doesn't realize that's exactly what they're doing. What doesn't she understand about Nintendo telling everyone their plans on January 12th?

Sun Nov 20 16 03:30pm
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Pokemon Stars and the Mario/Rabbids RPG are the only things that weren't announced. Everything else was either announced, or just a port of an existing game. If you're talking about new games, fair enough. If you're talking about ports... eh. It's not really exciting to see a Nintendo game is getting ported to a new Nintendo console. If anything it tells me they have nothing prepped and are trying to fill the void (but also try to prevent their online games from dying on Wii U).

There's a difference between spoiling a plot-point in a film and knowing that you'll be able to purchase something before the company selling it wants to let you know that you can buy it.
Are they ruining anything for you? The only people this potentially hurts are the people who wanted to reveal information on January 12. It's not their job to pretend like they don't have information.
Please tell me you do see the difference between spoiling a plot and revealing information on a game that will be available before they wanted you to know that it exists. Please tell me you're just failing at sarcasm.

Of course there's a difference, but I wasn't being sarcastic and I stand by the comparison. Nintendo has a big reveal scheduled for January and as a consumer, sure, it makes no difference when I learn when a product goes on sale. But it sure as hell makes a difference when I as a fan learn it, and rumor-mongers know that and do what they do anyway.

It's their job. Are they just supposed to ignore reliable sources to not hurt Nintendo's feelings?
"Darn it, they told me I'm going to be able to buy something before Nintendo decided to tell me."

I doubt this is true but if it is...it's a bit dissapointing. Ports and Pikimin? Meh

Ports as far as the eye can see. Doesn't blow my skirt up.....

Their line of thinking seems to be: Noone played those games the first time around because Wii U was such a flop - might as well re-release them.

Fine, if they have lots of big new games as well. Otherwise this is a bad move, cause it leaves exactly the faithful (the few who did buy Wii U) behind.

This is a very uninspiring list of launch titles. I hope this is not accurate. They need Breath of the Wild on launch! If that can't happen, they need to delay the Switch for the summer.

evan stoopeeder
Sun Nov 20 16 04:26pm
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Not sure about that, but Zelda in summer is not optimal. It's a winter type of game. It should have been here now.

Sun Nov 20 16 04:53pm
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Well... Michel Ancel just said that BG&E2 would probably take another 3-4years to make, so that 2018 date seems pretty dubious.

[EDIT] SHould have read the article myself, he never said that, it was a mistake created by Google translate...

From what I have read, that's not what the interview said. The question posed used 3 or 4 more years to make, and the developer denied answering, basically.

Yep, said the same after reading it myself in the comments about the article... I should have updated my comment here.

Pikmin reboot? 2018 BG&E reboot right after Michel Ancel confirmed that it's still a sequel and it might take 3-4 years to finish? Ok, my trust in Laura Kate Dale is slowly dying...

whatever the plan is, those leaks are damaging it. since people who'll watch the presentation also are paying attention to that. And at the end of the day does it matter since none of those even said something interesting. at least to me, I just can't care at all about the setting of yet another shooter

anyway, I fully expect the 3d mario to be just as great as all the previous mario. I'm not thinking at all it should solve the question about making a fully designed world more interesting and yet not sequential. Zelda and mario exchanging place would
be way better.
Other than that though, it's bad. since thanks to the leak we only have the name, it doesn't sound appealing. I'll be more than happy to bite again on those two online games (mk splatoon) but yeah like nothing new ?
and who cares about "reboot" as if they could reboot a game existing solely for you know gameplay reason. So no new games ?
in fact those leaks are the single worst way to present those information.

and as for 3rd parties, yeah it won't work. No there isn't going to be a reason to not take the online fees money (or comarketing bs) and in fact not putting the game on a nintendo platform is weirdly a way to prove the technical achievements of a game.
Not that I care that much since those games are just awful, and now due to the leak , I'm incline to think that once again nintendo let the launch window to the 3rd parties (3ds) and they just mess it up !
It's plausible to me, that zelda is delayed because oh look at that skyrim. And this is pretty bad

objectively the new mario, new zelda, a very needed sequel to splatoon , a mk8 (costly) dlc and pikmin, would a be a great ds wii 3ds wii u year, but thanks to this leak. It's the worst way to show it

That is a dreadful plan if true.

No offense but....why should we believe this person, and that their "sources" are any more accurate than Emily's?

This mass posting of rumor stuff gets old.

Why does Pikmin need a reboot? It's not like the games have sold horribly or anything. They all managed to sell over a million I believe. I just hope they aren't modeling the reboot after the 3DS game because the last thing we need is another 2D adventure game/series from Nintendo. That's like in 5-8 years Splatoon 2 or 3 comes out and Nintendo is like "People don't like the gameplay we've created it didn't sell Mario numbers so we're gonna reboot the franchise." It makes no sense.

It's most likely a reboot in name only.

Like with films, game series tend to drop the number from the title with [or after 4].

Sounds fine to me. Though I hope for a tad bit more 3rd party support.

Also a surprise or two from Nintendo would be welcome.

Thankfully they'll always be a couple of games that don't get leaked [first and third party], alia most Directs, so this doesn't bug me too much.

... The leaks can stop now though. We know enough to bide the time to Jan 12th.

Xenoblade X port... SOOOOOOLD! Everything else is just what is said by one person. I love how most are taking this as the ONLY games that will be available at launch.. lol. Calm down doomsdayers and wait until January 12th.


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