RUMOR - Monolith Soft working on brand-new Switch title, Xenoblade Chronicles X port being handled by someone else

LKD comes in with yet another rumor. She's been spot-on in the past. Let's see if this info ends up being true!


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This is my 27284737th post about asking Monolithsoft for Baten Kaitos 3

Tantalus is probably doing the X port and monolith soft is probable working on Xenoblade Y or something..

It's more more likely that Monster Games is handling the port. I'd rather see Tantalus help EA with an Andromeda Switch port ready for launch.

Yes, Yes Yes! This is what I wanted. I hope it is Xenoblade X2 (the first game ends with a cliffhanger) and it becomes more story-oriented while having a vast world like Mira was. If we are going back to Mira, I hope it feels like a new world.

This is my 27284737th post about asking Monolithsoft for Baten Kaitos 3

The IP belongs to bandai, at least partially, so it is not as easy as Monolith deciding to make a new game in the series.

Wed Nov 23 16 03:04pm
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It's very possible though. Baten kaitos origins was published by nintendo and they have very good relations with bandai namco.

I'd sure like to know this person's qualifications/sources. And why they just randomly popped up on the radar in recent times, with all this "Nintendo news".

Wed Nov 23 16 12:31pm
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She didn't come out of nowhere. She's been a journalist for a while now and freelances at a handful of the biggest video game sites. There should be a pin at the top of her twitter that goes into how she gains information and how she decides what and when to report.

Monolith working on a new game? A port of an older Monolith game being handled by an outside company? Even if this is just a rumor, it wouldn't be surprising at all... the former is expected, and assuming XCX getting a Switch port is true, the port being handled by another company would also be expected.

That 'assuming XCX gets a Switch port' is the part of this rumor that makes it 'surprising.'

Not really... this isn't the first time rumors of an XCX port has been talked about... or even the second, I think.

seems logical based on the 3ds port, and the twilight port, also the fact it does come from a us source who would have more access to western studio like tantalus.

Another day, another Switch port


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