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Take-Two says Nintendo is making a 'great effort' to support 3rd parties on Switch, feeling 'very optimistic'

by rawmeatcowboy
29 November 2016
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UPDATE - Here's a more complete statement from Slatoff...

"With any new hardware, there is always an element of 'wait and see,' and the install base is going to drive a lot [of Take-Two's level of support]. We're very intrigued and excited about it. The Nintendo folks I think are making a great effort to reach out to third-party developers, which I think is fantastic. I would say we're very optimistic and they're good partners. We're excited to work with them in the future on it."

Coming from Take-Two President Karl Slatoff...

The folks at Nintendo are making a great effort to support third-party developers, we’re very optimistic on the Switch though we are not announcing anything specific today.

Now THAT'S the kind of comments we want to hear about third parties. I don't think Take-Two would just throw that comment out there if they weren't feeling the love.