Nintendo UK store promising NES Classic Edition stock in December

We don't know the official date, but the Nintendo UK store is saying that NES Classic Edition stock is coming in December. Let's hope the console gets a restock earlier on in the month, rather than pushing up against Christmas. Thanks to Nin10doApplNews for the heads up!

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Better start standing in line now UK....

How is this news? They've said this vague date on the site for the past fortnight. They better have a decent level of stock. They've missed out on truckloads of money so far.

They really failed at estimating how much this would sell.

Nintendo has done an utterly terrible job keeping this item in stock. All it seems to do is benefit scalpers, and how does that benefit Nintendo or their fanbase?

They can't be that vague, clueless, or faithless to believe that none of their products will do so badly that only a few low-tier thousand need to be made for everything they do, then be completely surprised that people want one.

I got mine, but holy crap, what I would have done for a simple pre-order and pickup option.


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