Reggie appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon next Wednesday

We don't know what he'll be promoting, but Reggie Fils-Aime is going to be stopping by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon next Wednesday. We're going to go ahead and guess this appearance has something to do with Super Mario Run. Let's see if we end up being right!

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Thu Dec 01 16 02:51pm
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Reggie should wear a Captain Falcon pin to give people hopes that an F-Zero game is coming.

This is not a thing you do when your game is still half a year before release... maybe Laura-senpai got things wrong ewe

I thought Super Mario Run was releasing soonish on iOS?

It's releasing December 15, 2016 on iPhones and iPads.

I'm talking Zelda, guys.

The week after the switch would have been fully revealed in January would have been better.

I'm seeing a 3DS in his hand. Probably Pokemon or Super Mario Maker.

This picture was from when he was on Late Night.

Anyway, as for what's being shown this time...I know it's the crowd for Super Mario Run, but do you honestly go on the Tonight Show to promote an iPhone game? Not saying it's a Switch preview or anything like that but honestly who knows. Anyone's guess.

Thu Dec 01 16 02:50pm
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Besides Super Mario Run, they have NES Classic, 3DS, Pokemon. Even if they are recently released, the Holiday season isn't over.

Definitely correct. This is just a weird place to promote stuff, and it's anyone's guess based on the stuff they've came with beforehand. They've brought the Wii U demo to the show (was actually the last time they went there), Skyward Sword, the 3DS, among other things. Super Mario Run just doesn't feel like it'd show well in that type of environment.

Thu Dec 01 16 02:51pm
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Reggie should wear a Captain Falcon pin to give people hopes that an F-Zero game is coming.

A nod to the false Metroid pin?? Reggie can be such a troll.... Smile

I wonder if it is Theme Park News.

Super Mario Run seems the most likely.

msu cokeboi
Thu Dec 01 16 11:28pm
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This picture was in desperate need of a caption!https://twitter.com/msu_cokeboi/status/804541650836094976

It's a toss up between Breath of the Wild stuff, or Super Mario Run. Since we've seen a few things on BotW, my guess is that he's going to show off Super Mario Run.

I'm pretty sure it will be super mario run. Nintendo is doing Super Mario Run stuff next thursday as well.

Not sure why anyone expects an announcement on the Tonight Show. I figure it's just gonna be some silly thing, maybe an interview, that's about it. If anything is shown, it's not gonna be much.

Not to mention, kinda think Fallon is a tool. Conan is way better, IMO.


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