Goodbye! BoxBoy! announced for JP 3DS eShop, retail bundle and amiibo incoming

HAL Labs and Nintendo have announced the third and final entry in the BoxBoy series. The title in question is named Goodbye! BoxBoy! and will be released on Febuary 2 for 680 yen. While not much information is known, you can watch some gameplay here above.

To celebrate Qbby's final journey, a BoxBoy amiibo will be released on the same day. It is said to unlock specific secrets in the game, though what exactly is uncertain. If you never played any of the games, Nintendo is also set to release a retail package for 3456 yen. This includes a boxed version with the three games, the amiibo and a 34 track soundtrack.

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Mon Dec 05 16 08:40pm
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i've never played a single boxboy game, looks i'll download both current titles right now!

What will the American title be? BoxBoxBoxBoy?

Mon Dec 05 16 08:48pm
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No, the title will be BuyBuyBoxBoy!!!

Maybe Box³Boy

Almost certian title's gonna be ByeByeBoxBoy

I hope we get the trilogy bundle as well. Its sad that people pretty much ignored all the new IPs on the 3DS eshop.

To be fair, unless you followed Nintendo news almost religiously, chances are you wouldn't even know this stuff existed. I surely never saw any advertisement for it at all anywhere

Loved the first game. Is the 2nd one coming to the US?

Mon Dec 05 16 08:59pm
(Updated 1 time)

The second one is out in the US. It is called BoxBoxBoy!

"BoxBoxBoy!", actually. Double the box, only one boy.

A Boxboy Amiibo... I just want everyone to think about that for a second.

And I can't wait to see it! I might buy it! (and I thought my Waluigi amiibo would be my last one...)

What other cube shaped characters are there. I'm expecting repaints.

I know it sickens me when their are still so many more popular Nintendo characters without amiibos yet like:

-Dixie Kong
-King K.Rool
-Professor E.Gadd
-Cranky Kong
-Skull Kid
-Slippy Toad
-Peppy Hare
-Wolf O'Donnell
-Crazy Redd
-General Pepper
-Funky Kong
-Anthony Higgs
-DJ Octavio
-Any Pokemon outside of Smash
-Any Fire Emblem character outside of Smash

I know the amiibo craze (as well as the toys to life category in general) has worn off I would still buy the shit out of any of these amiibo if they became a reality. I couldn't give two shits about Boxboy. If they were gonna make amiibo out of any eshop series it should've been Dillion's Rolling Western.....

Tue Dec 06 16 07:14am
(Updated 1 time)

The thing with Amiibo is that they need functionality in a recent or new game. Most Amiibo that come out are tied to a game, unless they're special celebratory Amiibo, but even then, they have some functionality in some recent game.
The problem with almost all of the characters you mentioned is that they're tied to franchises that haven't seen a game in a while and thus, the Amiibo would lose its Amiibo functionality.

The developers make games and then think if they can also make Amiibo for the games. They don't (usually) reason the other way around, by making Amiibo and then thinking of ways they can be used for past or future games. Even if an Amiibo comes out after a compatible game, usually the functionality for that Amiibo had already been planned in some form during game development

And if this sickens you, then maybe see a doctor, because you might actually have a stomach flu or something

It's the developers decisions to make amiibos. This is made by HAL, so it makes no sense for HAL to commission amiibo for any character you listed.

Looks awesome! Loved the first one, the second is on my list, this third one looks even better! Great series!

oh that's a nice amiibo. I would buy the retail thing, maybe who knows

I need that bundle in my shelf just for the amiibo alone.

Boxboy is about the most pretentious game Nintendo has ever published. It's just cheap minimalistic hipster garbage, that would never have been recognized if published by any other developer.

Mon Dec 05 16 10:53pm
Rating: 2

What the hell you're talking about? The games are fun and solid and it doesn't hurt to try out these new IPs.

Tue Dec 06 16 12:02am
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And yet games like VVVVVVV, N++, BitTrip and many more do just fine with that minimalism.

VVVVVV is the definitive "short but sweet" game on 3DS.

This doesn't explain why... *googles* ...Terry Cavanagh is allowed to release games with this style and Nintendo isn't, though. What makes VVVVVV the "definitive short but sweet game" and BoxBoy "minimalistic hipster garbage"? They both are quality games with minimalistic styles

Because VVVVVV is actually a fun game and Boxboy is a puzzler with little creativity and fun compared to other puzzle platformers.

Also, VVVVVV isn't a minimalistic art style, it changes to flashy at times, the music is often tense and the gameplay is challenging. Boxboy has the most mundane gameplay, snore-enducing music and of course, simplistic graphics.

But it's not the graphics I'm getting pissy about. It's everything else. It's just not that good of a game to warrant the love it gets and shows that Nintendo fans will praise even the most mundane games as long as it has Nintendo or HAL stamped on it.

It's just not that good of a game to warrant the love it gets and shows that Nintendo fans will praise even the most mundane games as long as it has Nintendo or HAL stamped on it.
I think the only thing it shows is that you have a different taste from other people here. You can't seriously claim everyone here loves every single Nintendo/HAL game

I skipped the series entirely until the discount for the first game for basically nothing. Didn't care it was made by HAL or Nintendo, didn't have an interest in it at the full price in the least.

Got it on sale and don't see what your problem is.

It isn't the best game, and nobody said it was. I am sure most would rather HAL do more Kirby instead. It is still a good game, being simple & minimalistic doesn't make it hipster or trash. It does have shit music, but it gets decently creative and is good for what it is.

If it was a retail game, I would get trashing it, but it is what it is. A cheap puzzle game.

I didn't play Boxboxboy, so I have no idea how that is in comparison. People like Qbby because people like simple characters sometimes.

As for HAL making one, it makes sense. I wish more of Nintendo's smaller characters (Dillon, Mallo, etc) had amiibo. It fits with the concept of how Smash trophies are. Tons of popular characters and then stuff like this.

The 2nd one didn't grab me quite like the first, but this one looks amazing! They're clearly just throwing every idea at the wall for this last game.

I hope the western version is called Box Boy³ (cubed).

I had the same idea, except Box³Boy! To keep in theme with BoxBoxBoy being double the box

The last game felt like a lazy level pack. I hope that isn't the case with this game.

Boxboy games are a throw back to GameBoy gaming design. I play both 1 & 2 which are really fun & short.

Wow! What lovely news! I am all about a Qbby Amiibo too! I wanted one since the first game. I'm excited for this!

Nuuuuu no more BoxBoy... *sadfaec*

Not a fan? What's wrong?

I enjoyed those titles for their quirkiness, so hearing that the whole series is ending soon is genuinely making me have mixed opinions with this news.

From one side, yey new game & physical trilogy! On the other hand, no more games after that...

Oh! You're sad that there will be no more BoxBoy! I thought you were sad and said "Please, [I want] no more BoxBoy! I've had enough!"

Hmm, well, look at it from the bright side. The fact that it even has a trilogy is amazing in and of itself. It was just a simple game that likely only was going to be one game at first. But it was received really well and found amazing support, which birthed two new games. BoxBoy exceeded expectations a lot, and that counts for something!

And sometimes series should end on a high note instead of going on on life support, living only as a shell of its former self. You know what they say... The best things come in trilogies!

Goodbye Boxboy? What is this, Space Battleship Yamato?

That is the laziest Amiibo ever!


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