Pokemon Sun/Moon datamining leads to low-polygon model/animation discovery

The dataminers have been poking away inside Pokemon Sun/Moon, and now they've come up with something extra interesting. Low-poly models and walking/running animations for every Pokemon have been discovered. This seems to tie in with the rumor of Sun/Moon getting a Switch port. Interesting things ahead, we're sure! Check out some more animations here.


Mon Dec 05 16 09:33pm
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Couldn't this just be for the photo taking thing too?

Mon Dec 05 16 10:03pm
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There seems to be some leftover code pointing to them following the player.

This is promising news! It's been widely speculated that the reason the games see so many hiccups on the framerate is because of how high-poly the Pokemon models are, which points to the idea that Gamefreak is future-proofing the models. This news just adds more fuel to the fire that they have a console version in mind!

This sounds much more like a dropped feature to me...

Mon Dec 05 16 10:17pm
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If anything this suggests the opposite. If they found hi-poly models I'd believe it, but low-poly models are usually for LODs based on camera distance and a majority of games use them. This suggests nothing more than Game Freak was working on better optimization or a dropped feature.

Not necessarily, they were likely beta testing with low quality models, to see how they'd work on the lowest setting, and they're probably using that data to compare how well it would run on the Switch, and see if raising the visual quality on the Switch will cause it to perform better.

Mon Dec 05 16 11:15pm
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It might have been dropped, but the fact that GameFreak did this for every single Pokemon could mean that they just decided to leave it for the third version.

I don't see what this says about a switch port. Why would the Switch use lower poly models than the 3DS version?

Mon Dec 05 16 11:49pm
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The lower poly models are likely just for testing purposes. We assume that it is for the switch port because there is a model for every single Pokemon in the games and the 3DS obv wouldn't handle it. Ofc if they do implement it for the Switch, they will use higher poly models.

If there was a model for every single pokemon is because walking pokemon was planned for every single pokemon (duh!). They probably droped the feature for some reason. I Dont thing that the 3DS was unable to handle it, since it already handles pokeride and there is no slowdown at all on the overworld, also there are rendered cutscenes with both pokemon and people in the game (only slowdowns were in battles with high resolutions models). Also, maybe the feature wasn't ready and they will enable it with an update, or maybe it causes bugs/glitches in certains areas and they removed it all because of that

I'm a little dense, how do low resolution models point to a switch port?

Tue Dec 06 16 03:42am
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It's not the models, it's the fact that there is apparently one for every Pokemon and they're all animated. Surely if this was a scrapped feature, they'd know to do it before wasting the time and effort making models for all 800+ characters, right?

The general idea seems to be; why create animated running models of every single character and include them in games that can't use them, unless they were planning ahead and made them for use in a future port that can use them?

Tue Dec 06 16 08:30am
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If pokemon walking was planned at some stage, it makes sense that there was a model for every single pokemon. In my opinion it has nothing to do with the "switch version". Maybe is just a droped featured because they had problems with development. Also, maybe is just not ready yet, it could came out as an update also (unlikely) And for people that say that the 3DS cant handle it, it already handle pokeride and rendered cutscenes with pokemon, so I beleive that the 3DS can easily handle one more pokemon in the screen. Pokemon walking is not diferent to people walking, and there are a lot of people walking in pokemon sun and moon.

Tue Dec 06 16 03:18am
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Sounds like there was a "have your pokemon follow you around" feature that got cut to me.

Switch port? Hopefully not
Switch sequel? My body is ready

Yeah, going the route of sequels like B2/W2 felt like a better choice than doing a 3rd version by Gen 5.

I havent beaten the game yet, but I suspect that given some of the things going on in Sun and Moon, it really does feel like they're setting up for a follow-up.


The most plausible scenario to me, as mentioned above, has to be that it's pertaining to a Pokémon following you around, chiefly the leader of your current active team. Multiple times through the game, NPCs reference the leader of your time by name as if it was there in the cutscene, but it's not there. Like "Your Primarina looks so happy to be with you" but it's not there so how the NPCs can tell? Plus, it would be interesting to see if other NPC Pokémon models found in towns or houses etc are just as low poly as those that have walking animations. Also, the fact that they have animations for both walking and running seems to me like just another hint that those Pokémon were meant to follow you around. But maybe they just ran out of time or it caused minor slowdowns in certains areas on older 3DS models, and they prefered performance to extra details, who knows?

I hope this means the Switch version will be more visualized like the Battle Revolution game, and show visual animations of the Pokemon rushing over to attack their opponents, and hit them on direct contact. Chances are, this just means there will be more photo spots for the Poke Finder though...


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