RUMOR - Koei Tecmo pitched Star Fox Warriors to Nintendo, but nothing came of it

The following comes from Laura Kate Dale...

- Koei Tecmo wanted to work on a Star Fox-themed Warriors title
- there would have been a focus on melee combat
- some space combat would have been included as well
- no motion controls
- missions would have alternated between ground combat and a simplified space combat system
- it was going to be "visually over the top”
- Nintendo turned down the idea “due to questions regarding the future of the brand”
- no specific platform was mentioned
- Koei Tecmo still wants to work on another Warriors game with Nintendo, and Nintendo is interested as well


I'd love to have seen what this would have looked like. Loads of Nintendo's franchises would be sweet in the Warrior's style. Zelda worked really well, and I am sure Mario, Pokémon and Kid Icarus would be sweet as well. ^^

Zelda was definitely a more fitting choice. I'd love to see the formula applied to Mario. I can imagine running around in a Mushroom Kingdom world plowing through mobs of goombas and koopas.

Smash Warriors would be pretty cool.

I hated Hyrule Warriors. I thought it hurt the Zelda franchise, at least for me. I don't want to imagine how any other beloved Nintendo franchise would look like with "warriors" tacked on it.

If I may ask, what was so bad about it? The only thing that bugged me personally was that it went too "Kya" with the females. Did not fit Zelda at all to me. But that doesn't ruin the fun of the game. What ruined it for you?

For me it was a mashup of all what was popular in the franchise, plus a very repetitive and dull button mashing gameplay.
But hey, people seemed to like it, but I didn't.

Hyrule warriors was a spinoff, and you more or less described pretty much every spinoff in existence.

Hmm, well, while there is a lot of button pressing, it is at least very strategic, so it is not mindless at least. ^^ I thought Zelda fits very good with the Warriors style. But of course, to each his own.

- Nintendo turned down the idea “due to questions regarding the future of the brand

So Star Fox Zero killed off the Star Fox Franchise.

Or, maybe they're concerned with re-establishing Star Fox as an aerial shooter series, instead of fodder for a mediocre on-foot hack n' slash franchise.

Sounds like Star Fox Zero is pretty much the death sentence for the franchise... I guess now Fire Emblem would be the next logical answer for a warriors game. in fact, it makes more sense than Zelda.

Please no more crossover games from these hacks.

I love that not liking a game now means these developers are hacks...

Obviously it's subjective, but when I think a developer's games are consistently low quality, it's much faster to say "hacks" than "developer whose games I think are consistently low quality."

No offense intended. Maybe my understanding of the word 'hacks' is wrong, but I only ever hear that used to describe someone who is screwing people over like closer to a con-artist. Where as while I am not a big fan of the Warrior games personally as a team I can see they clearly put a lot of time and care into their products and it seems like Warrior fans know what they're getting when they purchase these games.

Damn I pitched them Fire Emblem Warriors on their Miiverse page like 2-3 months back & I hope they heard me because I rather have that game be made.

That's sad, I would've loved to play a Star Fox Warriors game even if it didn't make too much sense on paper. And sadly I have to agree with people here who say the Star Fox franchise is most probably dead after Zero...

But if they ever do another Warriors game with a Nintendo franchise, I'd LOVE to see a Fire Emblem Warriors. It has soooo many awesome characters with potential for really cool movesets. It could have a lot more variety than what we see in Smash, for example.

I'd be perfectly okay with a Hyrule Warriors 2, also. I loved the first one, with all its faults considered.

I seriously, desperately hope Star Fox Zero didn't kill the franchise, and if it did, it's Nintendo's own damn fault for acting like Sega and trying to reinvent the wheel when nobody wanted that.

At least give it a switch port with normal controls before you give up...

Tue Dec 06 16 04:48pm
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StarFox makes sense because it would be interesting to focus on the Lylat and Venom armies. The air combat would have to be perfect, though. Maybe the focus gauge would switch to vehicle? Didn't they do a Robotech Warriors ot something? That would be a good indicator of what it was like.

I'm certain it would have played better than Zero. But it's still not really the universe I think would work super well. SF is not meant to be "out of the vehicle" play (Adventures should have stayed Dinosaur Planet). And they aren't known for running around with swords and other melee weapons.

Even though I'm not personally into the franchise, obviously Fire Emblem would lend itself pretty well to a Warriors treatment.

wise choice, people would have freaked out once again. "what did they do with ..." "ing my childhood"
and other stupid stuff.

Tue Dec 06 16 09:02pm
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Makes sense. Regardless of what you may think of Star Fox Zero, it was an attempt to bring back the franchise in a manner that long-time fans desired: a space rail-shooter with cheesy dialogue. To have the first new Star Fox game in ten years to be a Warriors-style spinoff game? I'm pretty sure you can imagine that the outcry would be even worse than it was for Metroid.


Damn it Nintendo, make it happen! I'd also love to see a Pokemon Warriors, and a Mario & Sonic Warriors crossover.

I'd love to see this game happen. It would be neat to see a new spin on the Warriors gameplay, with land fights and vehicle fights. It would be like a mix of Star Fox Assault, and Hyrule Warriors. Fox would fight with a mix of projectile and close combat weapons, Falco would rely on more projectile themed attacks, Slippy would rely on gadgets he invented for attacking and maneuverability, Peppy would have the best evasive abilities, and mostly fight with close combat abilities, Krystal would fight with her staff and spells, Star Wolf's members would play similarly to Team Star Fox, but they'd be slower and have stronger attacks. It could be interesting to see if the designers could reintroduce some minor Star Fox characters into neat playable characters, with characters like Bill, Kat, General Pepper, General Scales, Tricky, Amanda, and more.

Starfox? Nah.
Come on Tecmo, Fire Emblem Warriors is a given.

Either that or just more Hyrule Warriors.

Given the tepid reaction to Star Fox Adventures, a Warriors-style spin-off wouldn't be a good fit for Star Fox. Also, you'd have to force the characters to use melee weapons, again not a good fit for a futuristic setting IP.

Would be a better fit for Fire Emblem though!

Wed Dec 07 16 10:18am
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Fire Emblem would work great in the warriors style. But I've said it before and I'll say it again...Donkey Kong Warriors would work really well as well. They've got enough playable Kong Characters and animal buddies to use as well as 4 sets of enemies/bosses to draw from (Tikis, Kremlings, Jungle Beat creatures, and Snowmads)

Wed Dec 07 16 10:56am
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I'd love to see a fire emblem warriors, the only complaint I have about hyrule Warriors is the fact that it is a terrible fanfiction with a Mary-sue (LANA) they should of had at least a better story. Cia wasn't bad but Lana omg... Plus the female voices are screamers lol

Wow, a Star Fox Warriors game huh? Makes you wonder if they ever pitched any others like... Metroid Warriors or even Pikmin Warriors.


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