RUMOR - Smash Bros. Wii U's Switch port to include new characters

My goodness, I guess today is the BIG day for juicy Switch rumors from reputable sources! Certainly sounds plausible to me. Time to get excited all over again!


Tue Dec 06 16 04:26pm
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Not trying to doubt or be rude but, who is this person and what makes them credible?

Oh, Unseen64 guy, well I'll take it with a pinch of salt since it's incredibly vague, but honestly it seems likely.

Tue Dec 06 16 04:59pm
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EDIT: You didn't write your second sentence until after I started writing, but I'll leave this here anyway for other people who aren't aware.

He is the guy behind Unseen64, researching cancelled games and what happened within the company (including, but not always, talking to the developers). His main focus tends to be on finding out info on the inner-workings of NCL, one of Nintendo's first party studios.
https://www.youtube.com/user/monokoma https://www.youtube.com/user/LiamRproductions

For concrete proof, he announced a 3DS/Wii U amiibo game, and how it would be promoted and other specifics, a month before the official release trailer announcing it's existence:

Tue Dec 06 16 04:26pm
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Shantae! Shovel Knight!!

We don't care if it is plausible, we want to know why it is credible enough to post.

A lot of past Smash news has been pretty unlikely, so plausibility is kind of unimportant.

If this is true I don't think Nintendo will shaft the Wii u owers of smash. I believe new DLC plan for the port Switch will also get updated to the Wii u. Whatever update Mk8 gets on Switch, mk8 wii u will get it as well. Either way whatever happens I won't be buying these ports as I spent to much money on them & have yet to even touch Smash U due to catching up still on my past games.

Nice source, random-Twitter-user-who-makes-broad-non-specific-but-already-believable-predictions-based-on-other-broad-non-specific-but-already-believable-predictions #2038

It's Liam, same guy that leaked Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Hyrule Warriors Legends was Leaked because Koei Tecmo posted the trailer to their youtube the day before it was revealed at E3

Even before that mistake it was leaked.

There's your first mistake, he's not some random Twitter user. Yes this is a vague rumour that anyone could guess, but it's coming from someone who has proven to have connections within Nintendo. Read my post above.

Ice Climbers most likely.

I'll wait. I want to believe but I don't want to get upset over this.

Tue Dec 06 16 05:05pm
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I remember mentioning that this would happen and I got slammed for it. Of course this was going to happen: all Wii U players would be relegated to the old version once this came out. At least my dreams for Chrono Trigger chars making an appearance is alive and well.

Tue Dec 06 16 05:06pm
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Liam Robertson has my trust.

Hoping for Mega Man X, tying into Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite coming to Switch..
Or Sora, tying into Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 coming to Switch.
Or Geno, tying into how he should have been the Square Enix rep in the first damn place.

Wishful thinking based upon wishful thinking.

It'll probably be the missing veterans at most and like 3 or 4 newcomers.

I'm honestly expecting it'll just be the missing veterans. Any expectations of any actual new additions seem farfetched.

At this point, I just want the Ice Climbers back. I can wait until Smash 5 for everyone else on my personal wish list.

What they'll probably be: Ice climbers, wolf, and inkling or another fire emblem character.

What I want them to be: King K.Rool, Wolf, and Inkling or Dixie Kong.

I am almost certain it will have Ice Climbers, since they had them working in the Wii U version. Even their models in-game on the trophy looks rig-able.

I honestly do not think it will contain "new" characters much what-so-ever unless it was geared to be a whole new game.

Just include every single DLC character and stage in the game and I will be happy. Buying all the DLC by itself is essentially the same price as a full game =/.

Don't forget to let us know how reputable the "source" is.

"Reputable" emphasis on the quotes

If (and I mean a big IF) Smash has new characters I am only guessing Ice Climbers and an additional returning character.

I don't suspect much outside that reality.

Tue Dec 06 16 06:24pm
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i REALLY hope they aren't wasting their time on a port of this game, ssb4 was way too light on new content as is, a port would be even more bland

I totally agree, I've always called it Brawl HD+. There were so many great ideas in the fake rumors. Smash Run is really satisfying, an awesome addition would be that mode but with leveling up and looting (which is a blast in Smash Run, but the loot could be more interesting).

I wouldn't say light, exactly. It was rich with content.

However, that being said, the content provided can be argued that wasn't offering a much broader experience than what has been offered in the past installments.

I mean, the single player mode definitely lacked desire to play. I can understand not going full boar into another terribad SSE undertaking, but a classic arcade-styled mode similar to Melee and 64 is something that I am sure would be a nice start.

My most wanted characters (most of them even before Brawl came out):
1. Rayman
2. Banjo & Kazooie
3. Ridley
4. Viridi
5. Midna
6. King K. Rool
7. Skull Kid
8. Inkling
9. Krystal

+Palutena, which we got (but the thing is, customs aren't allowed in competitive play, which is why I lost interest in the character..)
Guess which ones we're getting? Nope, still none of these. Gotta prapare for another major disappointment for my favorite game series of all time..

Hmm. You really don't say...

If they were to do this I think a proper story mode is in order

I'm not sure why anyone thinks they'd add any new characters. I expect Wolf and Ice Climbers, but not really anyone else. At that point the expectations are ludicrous.

Top three first party: Hades, Impa, Inkling.
Veterans: Wolf, Ice Climbers, Snake.
Third party: Simon Belmont, Banjo, Dr. Eggman.

A best of levels between 3ds and WiiU (some levels on the WiiU version just aren't that fun to play). Upgraded Smash Run (no Tour). If you have the WiiU/3ds versions you can upgrade to a switch version at a lower cost (I sunk a ton of money into this franchise already).

I really hope this happens sooner in the systems life cycle if it's just gonna be a revamped Smash 4. The sooner this gets released, the sooner we find out what Sakurai is working on next. I'd love to see an uprising sequel.

Wed Dec 07 16 03:58pm
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King K. Rool
Dixie Kong and/or Cranky Kong

That's all I need, Nintendo.

I should have known this would have spurred the fan-lists.

Each time I see the "This is all I need" of the list, always magically replaces another character with one they didn't get. Went from "All I need is Palutena!" To "All I need is everyone else!"

Not mad, just humored by this observation.


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