Does this one logo on the Switch give hope for the region-free rumor?

Have you noticed the CE symbol on the back of the Nintendo Switch? Perhaps you have, but what's the big deal about it? Well if you look at other consoles from an non-EU region, you'll see that the CE logo isn't there. That's because the device isn't intended to be sold in the European markets. On the flip side, most phones have both the FCC and CE logo on them, since we usually have one model of phone meant for sale in all regions.

This is just speculation right now, but that logo could certainly be the best indicator yet that the system is region free. The one major thing that flies in the face of that speculation is the DS. The DS lacked a CE logo, but as you well know, it was a region-free device. Let's hope we find out what's up with this aspect of the Switch on Jan. 12th.

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Fri Dec 09 16 05:34pm
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All it means is the demo unit Reggie had on the show came from Europe. All modern consoles work on all HDTVs regardless if they are US or European consoles.

I never noticed those release buttons near the top of the Joycons before. I am filled with relief knowing that the screen won't slip out of the controllers and crash to the floor from poor design. It will only be from my own clumsiness.

I believe the Game Boy line of handhelds remained region-free for so long because of their portability. Nintendo had ideas of people being on business trips and buying games in their non-native countries.

While I think that's a bit optimistic, I'd love it if they continued that line of thinking. The Switch is meant to be portable. If I took it on a trip with me, I'd like to be able to play multiplayer with people I meet. That, and I want to buy cool Japanese games.

The portability of the NS actually should make it region-free... you had a good point there.

I personally have never understood the logistics of why something needs to be region locked. But I've also never been blockaded from playing a game I want. So this likely will continue to not effect me.

Sat Dec 10 16 05:36pm
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The madness started with the DVD because a lot of Movies came out due different times in various regions. This is more a license issues. In Videogames, it's a money thing. Nintendo wants you to support your market. Importing cheap Games from the US if you live in expensive Europe isn't the best news for them. Second thing is Nintendos policy about what's best for each region. Nintendo decides what Games we are playing and which Software is best for our region. Nintendo is one of the last big Publisher who isn't able to provide a simultaneous release for North America and Europe for a lot of their Games. So, yeah, Nintendo wants the control. It's stupid enough to lock a Handheld because it is meant for travel and to buy Games wherever you are. Switch is promoted as a devise you can take with you wherever you want, it would be plain stupid to lock the Switch. And I say this is not gonna happen this time.

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