Miyamoto wishes StarFox franchise was more popular, plans to 'put more energy' into StarFox, Pikmin

Coming from Shigeru Miyamoto's Apple Soho appearance...

Yeah, I always wanted Fox McCloud to be a bit more popular than he is. [Crowd: “awww…”] But I think one more would be Pikmin. So I think these two, I’ll need to put some more energy into.

I am so happy to hear that. I love both franchises, but StarFox is really near and dear to my heart. While I'm guessing it'll be awhile until we see a new installment, at least we know Miyamoto's passion is there.


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While I feel Zero has practically killed the franchise. I hope if we do get another Star Fox game they put AAA energy and time into it. I think the game should be more like Assault but you know....better. I love the Star Fox team and universe shame if it dies.

Good to know that they are not giving up on these.

Maybe this will shut the people up saying the series died with Zero. If Command didn't kill the series after 5 years without a game, I doubt Zero would.

It's nice to know that one polarizing game wasn't going to kill star fox.

Sun Dec 11 16 06:53pm
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Please please please let these two series reach for a bigger spotlight. I seriously love Star Fox and Pikmin.

I hope to see a DreamWorks or Pixar Star Fox movie, honestly.

Pikmin would be an amazing Ghibli film.

(Can we give DK and Kirby a boost while we're at it? And where has Wario been?)

Kirby doesn't need a boost at all.... Robobot sold and review greatly and he is already a popular character. Sure, kirby might not be a AAA franchise, but thats part of its charm.

I agree about DK, but Tropical Freeze is considered the best by many so i don't think it needs a boost compared to Star Fox and Pikmin. It is weird how even tho people enjoyed Tropical Freeze, the do not want to see Retro make another one...

Sun Dec 11 16 09:10pm
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People like Tropical Freeze and Robobot, but that's no reason to sit happily there when either series could easily have it's own impactful Mario Galaxy level title.

I'd rather strive for something amazing.

[Insert generic joke about bad controls in SF Zero here]

While I feel Zero has practically killed the franchise. I hope if we do get another Star Fox game they put AAA energy and time into it. I think the game should be more like Assault but you know....better. I love the Star Fox team and universe shame if it dies.

I always felt like Star Fox had untapped potential that went greatly unused. Let's hope that we get a great Star Fox next.

I just hope that Miyamoto learned his lesson and became a lot more humble after what happened with Zero. His pushing of a gimmick has single-handedly made this the mot divisive game in the series.

I WANT to see more Star Fox, but not in this sorry state. It is a very respectable franchise that has done so much for this industry. I loved 64 and the original with all of my heart. I've even played Assault and Adventures even if they didn't live up to the hype. I've even "tried" to like Command. I've even beat the unreleased Star Fox 2. This is a series I adore. Miyamoto... give people modern controls, and make a solid game. If you do this, I'll buy it.

Sun Dec 11 16 07:02pm
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How about we kill two arwings withs one smart bomb here?
Star Fox Adventure: Pikmin Planet. Fox lands on an alien planet to investigate a distress signal. His commanding officer, Adam Pepper, orders him to not bring any firearms but to instead weaponize the local Pikmin. You find that the distress signal is from Olimar's ship and Louie, having succumbed to temptation and is now an agent of Andross, is sucking the color out of all the Pikmin so he can reconstruct a new body for Andross. Oh, and you eventually play as Krystal but she is only armed with a scepter... more specifically the Vibe Scepter from Super Princess Peach... and she has to go back in time 7 years to save Louie from his inner demons so he never actually gets seduced by Andross.

That is a really complex story... I would so play that!

Are you sure? It would only have 7 boss battles... and those would be the Koopalings

The "Adam Pepper" part got me! XD

To all the "Star Fox 0 killed the franchise" naysayers around here, I'll just leave my 2 cents for the day. That game is basically fitting the position that Star Wars VII is holding to its franchise; a series that has been dormant for a very long time whose newest installment basically repeats every single key point to former titles's story to chime back old fans while trying to cater to new ones.

This is a point that I repute to be valid regardless of how each of the individual media stands out to the public for its own features and merits; as series creators might express their will to work again to either interest of going back into the project or a newfound kind of public out there, the whole "nostalgia-rehashing" model easily fits the latter category.

That sounds about right. Zero's lack of success was mostly due to its broken controls, and people worried that Nintendo would misinterpret that to think people didn't want Star Fox in general. And rightfully so - just look at Miyamoto's comments about Star Fox 64 3D. He basically said "if this remake of a previous game isn't successful enough, we're not going to make any more new games". Nintendo does have a habit of misinterpreting fan input...
But it's good to see Miyamoto isn't giving up on it.

If they stopped focusing on remaking 64 and actually let the series progress and evolve it might have a chance.

But then Zero is the first new game in a while right? It's stagnation that Star Fox suffers from more than anything. Anything that isn't Mario, Pokemon, AC or Zelda is more of afterthought to Nintendo these days.

They are gifted with strong franchises but do nothing with them and then wonder why no one "cares".

To be fair even if we assume Assault was a worthy sequel, it has been hard to make a continuing series of new missions. I mean even if it's a new baddie how much different can you make this type of games. Even comparing it to other types of space shooters, you either have an arcade style in which is mainly fighting against another army or make it about selective missions like with Rogue Squadron that lightly paint how that mission is helping your side win the war.

All in all, it has also been hard making a new villain for this franchise. Since despite the apparoids being more alien didn't earn that much in terms of being compelling.

Well, maybe it's time to branch out then. Try a new genre. Assault and Adventures whatever your opinion of them they did more for the series than the traditional games have managed alone. Namely world-building.

Sure Adventures for example dropped the ball a little by having Andross be the main villain but that gave the universe that Star Fox existed a touch more life and possibility.

I can't think of what else can be done otherwise. But I've never cared either way for Star Fox.

Sun Dec 11 16 09:56pm
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I can't think of what else can be done otherwise. But I've never cared either way for Star Fox.

I suppose that's all that needs to be said. There's nothing wrong with that but that's also why Nintendo doesn't give it a lot of tries. I'll give you this, aside from Metroid, Starfox was one of the only Nintendo series that did had an established continuity across 64 to the one in Command.

zero revolution
Sun Dec 11 16 07:33pm
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What I most like coming from this is the Pikmin comment. Pikmin is honestly my favorite Nintendo franchise, and knowing he plans to work more towards making Pikmin bigger and better makes me really excited.

Star Fox is popular in my book. Good to hear that Mr. Miyamoto cares for his franchises.

Please give us 4 player online co-op through the StarFox campaign. Thank you.

Here we go. This is where you take Star Fox next.

I would say they could give foot missions a go again, too. Traditional Arwing levels for travel and all-range space battles around planets, and foot missions on the planets themselves.

Or what if they took a page out of Battlefront's book and had a multiplayer battle mode where you could fight on foot or take to the skies seamlessly.

Whatever they do, I think they should be bold with it. If they don't have the development manpower available right now, then maybe partner with a western 3rd Party dev with a proven track record to get it done. They might have some fresh ideas they could bring to the table.

Sun Dec 11 16 08:55pm
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I hope is not a remake of 64 again.

Forget Star Fox. Put all your energy into Pikmin.


Obviously Star Fox needs to become a free to start game and Pikmin needs to decide whether the time limit makes it compelling or the dungeon crawler approach fitted better.

For both I do wonder if Star Fox will keep the separate movement of the aiming and the ship and if Pikmin will be able to improve in terms of traditional controls (I think ditching the IR pointer will be backwards).

Pikmin 2 is my perfect Pikmin game.

Really. It had a freedom to play as you wanted and caves had an air of mystery in that worked well for the gameplay and that was what made it exciting. Spelunking with a 100-min team and seeing how you fare and the fact that most had a unique challenge or theme to them made it fun.

Titan Dweevil is basically a Dark Souls boss. That's always a fun challenge. Do I try and get all treasure in one, or do I disarm him or two pieces at a time? Either way I want New Play Control version on Wii U, Nintendo. Hurry up!!

Sun Dec 11 16 09:30pm
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Starfox -go big or go home. Pikmin -go home please.

Sun Dec 11 16 09:55pm
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... Have you considered that Star Fox isn't that popular because:

1. The series has been rebooted twice and hasn't been given a chance to flesh out its universe yet?

2. It lacks focus with 3 of its games acting as the "origin" story and the other three trying radically different gameplay approaches?

3. There was almost a decade long gap between Command and Zero?

Geeze... I love Star Fox but since Star Fox 64, Nintendo has treated the series like an afterthought and it showed in Adventures, Assault, and Command. Let it grow and develop and stop trying to reinvent the wheel all the time.

As for Pikmin, you can't really expect a series with only 3 games and an almost 10 year gap between 2 and 3 to be all that popular. Plus, for a strategy game, I think its as popular as it can get.

It has a lot against it also. The best games are short. People gravitate more towards human than animal like characters. Despite everything the best games have also mainly driven the exact same setup up of fighting an invading army. Also for Nintendo Star Fox hasn't build a consistent visual style (people like what's familiar).

I suppose online multiplayer is the answer after all games like Overwatch and Splatoon show the multiplayer component can outlast a brief single player campaign or not have one.

Star Fox is popular enough to be cosplayed by Jessica Nigri. That shows that there's potential in the series. They just gotta make a better game with no setbacks, no limits, no hassles.
I hope this doesn't lead to them making a Star Fox minigame for mobile devices like they're doing with Super Mario Run to try and get people to buy the next/current console/handheld counterpart.
Pikmin, on the other hand, I don't see many cosplays of it, but I compare it to the level of popularity as Katamari Demancy. What I want to see more of is Chibi-Robo is his traditional 3-D platforming adventure because there's not enough of those kind of games these days; plenty of 2D ones though.

I'd like to see Starfox as a reskin of Kid Icarus Uprising. Keep the comedy intact and have Fox squabble with Falco. I actually liked adventures but the combat could be better. Everyone gets what they want. Dogfight in the air and ground combat.

Sun Dec 11 16 10:13pm
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As for Pikmin, I think it'll be fine. Ninty just have to release them consistently. They xoud also further both franchises reach by doing spinoffs

Star Fox has fantastic characters and I think that's why it's so frustrating that hardly anything has been done with them. If Smash is any indication, people really like these characters and want more of them but Nintendo really hasn't answered the call. Have you all seen A Fox in Space on YouTube? That's what my ideal version of Star Fox would be: fleshed out with a nice mix of gritty and goofy.

Obviously games aren't why they're made for anymore. Even Nintendo's own short had a warmer reception than the game, and even the 3DS game.

Like they say,

there aren't bad ideas, just bad executions.

Perhaps SF should try luck in other mediums, since even if they use the original story again it'll at least be in a different format.

Sun Dec 11 16 10:29pm
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Well, too bad they don't put more effort into other franchises like F-Zero and the like.

Meanwhile I will just be sitting here for a 1080 Snowboarding or Wave Race something fierce. All while many will claim that the Metroid/Pikmin/Starfox franchise is dead to Nintendo...

I do wonder how big those IPs need to be in the current gaming climate. Should 1080 be like Steep? Should Wave Race use it's own physics or simulate real life as closely as Nintendo could? Finally and I don't know, were the characters in those games real people? Since if not I have the feeling they might attempt puttin Miis in those games, maybe.

Since 1080 has a more "arcade" feel to it, similar to older SSX (before EA damaged that IP something fierce), I could see it being comparable to Steep. Since both this and Wave Race share the same universe I would figure the playstyle would be similar.

Sadly, with the fact those two didn't take their characters seriously before, I can see Nintendo opting for Miis... That sort of hurts a little. Cause honestly I feel those games have longer legs without Miis in the forefront, the gamers at large would dimiss it pretty heavily.

And all of a sudden, the comment list becomes huge.

But Pikmin is actually doing well. And Zero is actually a good game. Its the fact that it came on the Wii U that it didn't do so well...as well as lack of marketing.


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