RUMOR - Unreal Engine 4 graphic presets for Switch surface

The gang over at NeoGAF is currently pouring through some Switch data that has supposedly leaked. The data gives a look at how the Unreal Engine 4 will work on Switch. The really interesting conversation coming from this data involves seeing how games operate when the Switch is in portable mode. It seems that the Switch will be downgrading a number of elements for when you're on the go, all in the name of keeping things running at an acceptable rate. From what I understand, imagine changing a PC game's quality settings from high to mid-range when going from docked to out of dock.

If you're up for it, you can see a much better breakdown of the info over at NeoGAF. Check out the thread here (thanks OperationGamer17!)

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Wed Dec 21 16 04:04pm
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For those wondering, Unreal engine 4 uses 4 levels for its settings (iirc):
0 = lowest
1 = normal
2 = High
3 = MAX

So if this is true, the default switch profile is everything on high when docked and everythin on normal when undocked.

Well considering 0 means off for a lot of settings it might be more fair for 1 to be considered the lowest seeing as things like texture quality cant really be "turned off" so to speak.

so the codename was 'Wolf" and not NX?

Interestingly, the screen percentage part... 720 is indeed very roughly 66% of 1080. So the target for docked resolution for your TV would be 1080p and this pretty much confirms what was all but confirmed, that the handheld uses a 720p screen.

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