GoNintendo Video Review - Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is a Kickstarter title that was 3 years in the making. Now that the game is finally available, was it worth the wait?

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Wed Dec 21 16 05:58pm
Rating: 2

This is a great review! I feel like you're a bit more relaxed than your Super Mario Maker 3DS review.

The game was amazing! I loved every moment of it and I'm eagerly awaiting the DLC featuring Risky, Sky, Bolo, and Rotty!

If they do another Kickstarter for this game's sequel, I will be all over it!

Glad to hear that. I tried a different method this time. Wanted to have a better flow. Wrote out a review and just used it as a guideline as I recorded. Happy the difference came through!

Heyy RMC really great review, long time Shantae fan (shes an ornament on our tree). I've been anticipating this game (as with every Shantae game). Wayforward is always a treat. Happy to see your video content ramping up, it's a great idea and although you feel your opinions don't equate in the gaming field, yo keep doing your thing is what I'm getting at. Nice history recap bringing it all forward, and explaining the mechanics/ what you thought of the game. Level headed review remaining positive, while still being able to talk about anything you didn't like. Ace review! Can't wait to continue playing Half Genie Hero!

Thanks for the review RMC. I'll buy it eventually as I still have to start the last game.

Great review, RMC. I didn't need the review to make a decision since I got my PS4 code a week or two ago, but it's still nice to know you're enjoying the game too.

Thu Dec 22 16 03:44am
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I've got to grab this, but I still have so much stuff to play! Especially eShop titles. Got to finish Steamworld Heist, Jotun, that inuit game, Thomas was Alone...

Thanks for the review anyway ! Well done too. Looks like this and Hollow Knight will be the Wii U swan song for me.

Been having a lot of fun playing this, love it.

Fri Dec 23 16 04:28pm
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Beaten it. IMO this games have been uphill in terms of quality, which also in a way makes it harder to go back to the previous one. (Though Pirate Curse's gameplay is distinct in gameplay and might still have the most snappy set of skills).

1/2 Genie Hero, also has a more streamlined approach to its gameplay, though some stages do to their action setpieces feel weird when replaying them.

The bosses while easy are look very cool and in terms of spectacle get the job done.

I think my only issue is difficulty. The game I suppose, let's you upgrade things if you want, but I think it's mostly a design decision that most enemies don't present much of a threat as the action setpieces bottomless pits, which in some sections don't even kill you outright.

I'll like if like Order of Ecclesia or Mario, Wayforward could put challenge levels after beating the main campaign, they could offer some of the throwaway transformations like the tree, pot, or weirdfish.

All in all, a very good game that continues to improve the bases of the franchise. Now if they could put a parade as an ending in a future game maybe it could also make it have a more bombastic closure. And also go somewhere with Shantae parents, I think there's enough build up for that to have emotional impact at some point.

EDIT: Seems like difficulty isn't much of an issue when speedrunning on the second mode. Keeps wanting to brute force, but also keeps you engage looking to play better. I think in regards to completion the only nitpick I have is having to buy everything from the store.

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