Devil's Third - online servers deactivated

What a long, strange ride it was with Devil's Third. Now we're at the point where the online servers have been shut down, thus ending an era for the game. Still something I'd like to pick up, although it's a bit tough to find retail copies nowadays.

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I've had this game since the price drop, but I never had a chance to play it yet. Arg. A busy life and short term online servers makes for a very bad combination.

I'm in the exact same boat.

Is it really that hard to find Devil's Third? Here in my area, I've seen a lot of unsold copies.

Thu Dec 29 16 01:51pm
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Beat the story & never got deep into online because of other online games on the Wii U & 3ds. I wanted to lvl up more on it but now I can't. I hope they offer this game again in the eShop on Switch free to the people that bought it digital on Wii u.

Shoulda just went with the digital copy RMC it ran A LOT smoother! To everyone that didnt get to try the multiplayer especially seige mode you all missed out om an AMAZING experience at least for me. There wasmasive drama like one wouldthink there'd br between warrimg factions for terirtory, but the sense of camaraderie and liyalty to your actual Clan made the sense of winning seiges feel tht much more amazing.

One of the Captains in my Clan UNLV, Regina posted this on Reddit if anyone is interested on lerning about the "Story" of the Devil's Third North American Campaign for the North American server and how there eas back stabbing, espionage, allianced and Godfather-esque moments.


The servers ran for about a year and a half? Whoever published this game should be ashamed of themselves.

Hopefully this will serve as a wakeup call to people who think renting digital games off eShop is not the stupidest idea in the world. When the server goes, well, tough cookies.


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