RUMOR - Capcom working to bring Resident Evil 7 to Switch, may include VR support

- Resident Evil 7 may be coming to Switch
- Capcom is working on VR support
- Capcom struggling with the system's ability to render VR imagery
- motion controls have been difficult for the team to implement
- low-pixel count is hurting the game's overall experience
- VR experience on Playstation 4 is only exclusive for a year


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Because randomly advertising your video on a thread is a thing to do...

Sat Dec 31 16 01:32pm
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Idk about all these rumors from ob1 popping up...but I would like RE7 to be on the Switch

Sat Dec 31 16 01:47pm
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It would be cool to see RE7 on Switch. Nothing about the Switch, known or rumored, seems like it can really handle VR, though, so that's a little surprising if true. Maybe OBE1 elaborates in the video but hell if I can stand listening to that voice for more than five seconds.

I really don't pay OBE1 much mind. His videos are often the very definition of click bait.

Also he does that annoying thing with his thumbnails where they're all just an image of him with his mouth wide open in a "YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS S***!!!" expression.

Most of his post Switch reveal videos were like "Big NX news!!!!!" And then it wasn't shit. Over excitement for nothing.

If RE7 is coming to the Switch then they better confirm it at the January 12th conference, because at present I plan on getting it on my PS4 (and the release date for RE7 is January 24 on other platforms).

They won't announce it so you're better off with the PSVR one instead. Sony has exclusive rights to the VR mode on RE7.

This guy is just after clickbait, plain and simple. Not long after LKD told him to stop spreading lies about her verifying his rumors, he simply hid the evidence instead of apologizing or clarifying anything. I don't really trust this guy at all and I think he's being like Supermetaldave in that he's doing these for views to make his channel grow since being honest on youtube barely does anything for a channel these days...

Sat Dec 31 16 02:27pm
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At least dave apologizes when he needs to. Ob1 just does anything to keep baiting us so that we listen to all the garbodor he says...

If so then why was she on his videos working with him on this Switchmass leak deal release? They both went live talking about it the other day, if you hate him so much do a video about it on youtube not here.

I don't give a rat's belly button where the rumours come from since most are just BS anyway. But I do love the speculation part. Will not surprise me if RE7 comes to NS, Capcom usually support Nintendo a bit.

But if the VR rumour is true in any way, then I can only see them for smaller games. But prove me wrong. gIVE ME mETROID vr. Or MArio KArt... No THAT could work somewhat.

A lot of fans are wanting Metroid VR & seeing how Retro only released DK games in the whole 5 years of Wii U life time. One can only see that they could be working on a Metriod VR for the Switch.

Or... Someone not Retro. But I guess that Retro would be the best fit, since they sure know who do it. But an NS Metroid VR would be.... Shorter I am thinking.

If possible, I would love to see Ninty do VR with NS. If like I speculated how it could be (was not alone on this one) like mobile VR with motion from the joy-cons... It could be decent, but far away from OR/Vivr and even PSVR....

It's so hard to say at this moment really, since we have not seen anything yet... And might not in the life of the NS

I can tell that he's excited to get views than the news itself

Sounds like a legit indormation.

I spread fake rumors, i n the same way.

It would be great if true, however if you are a long-time RE fan then you know that the ultimate experience will be on a PS4 Pro and not a watered-down Switch version. I'll probably buy both just to support Nintendo 3rd parties, though.

please..no VR Nintendo..please

That Scrake is not amused.

VR isnt all its cracked up to be, trust me...

This will be the first mianstream game to play the entire thing in VR.

But even then, I'm still not convinced on VR yet.

Why does rawmeatcowboy keep reporting on this idiot?

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