GameStop - Another look at Switch advertising

I need to head out to my local GameStop and see if they have their Switch advertisements up. It just makes the excitement that much more real!

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I like the way Gamestop utilizes it's small store spaces. The game boxes combined =advertisement is very cool imo.

I like how Red Dead 2 is in the middle of all the Switch stuff, and the Red matches, hehe.

Let's hope.

Perfect Red Nin went with as when Valentine day will come soon it will stand out even more & as well as we all know Mario colors with the classic red will drive sales. Can't wait until the 12th!

Wouldn't you say that during Valentine's Day the color red of all colors stands out the least? Everything else is already various shades of red, so more red would be the color that stands out among the crowd the least.
On top of that, Valentine's Day has very little overlap with video games. Most people don't go to electronics or game/toy stores for Valentine's gifts. Yeah, there will be a few people who do, but the color red wouldn't influence their purchase

Mon Jan 02 17 11:33pm
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Anything can work. If Switch was to release in Feb Nin could release games that cater to the women like AC or their Fasion style game they got going. But more likely they have their Nin min show going which they address special game events every month throughout the year. They always talk about expanding games to reach the female side so doing something in Feb can help them out.

If I didn't know better, it makes it look like Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out for the Nintendo Switch.


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