RUMOR - Mario/Rabbids game title revealed, BGE2 Switch-exclusive for 12 months

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Tue Jan 03 17 10:25am
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I think you are missing the point of the website

Tue Jan 03 17 09:48am
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12 months is a lot better than the 2 months I initially read.

I'm getting quite sick of rumours.
Let's just get the presentation over and done with.

Tue Jan 03 17 10:15am
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Hey RMC, since LKD won't stop with the spoilers, can you at least stop putting the spoilers in the titles and in the Twitter feed to help those of us who still want some surprises January 12?

Tue Jan 03 17 10:25am
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I think you are missing the point of the website

Well it does say rumor in the title.
Plus spoiling an ad is an odd concept to me.

Tue Jan 03 17 11:54am
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If you consider this a spoiler because a news site is reporting news/rumors then you should leave the news site until your "spoilers" are gone.

I second this even thoigh I take these "rumours" with mountains of salt.

Game news has pretty much always been rumor based. Why is everyone so butt hurt by it when it comes from LKD and Emily Rogers?

Ok now I call bull on the Rabbids one, you don't get the Mario IP and give the Rabbids top billing.

Lol 'Rabbids Kingdom Battle' sounds like a mobile game rather than a Mario crossover.

Because we're tired of fake "news" from non-reputable sources who are very often flat out wrong?

Now this is starting to sound like nonsense.

Tue Jan 03 17 10:50am
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There goes exclusives for the Switch. Gamers from the other side do have patients to wait 12 months with added bonus & titled definitive version. Ubi don't trust Nin fans anymore, oh well.

Tue Jan 03 17 04:05pm
(Updated 1 time)

It's less a "trust Nintendo fans" thing and more a "we want to make money, so eventual multiplatform is the way to go" thing. The fact that the Switch may get this as a timed exclusive at all (which, quite frankly, I knew in my gut was the best case scenario) still says that Ubisoft has some faith in the product Nintendo is making. Plus, this isn't a Bayonetta 2 situation. It's probably a Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Egde situation. Ubisoft is presumably paying for the bulk BG&E2 themselves, with Nintendo assisting with development at most, so there is no reason for them to restrict it for much longer than a year. And honestly, being exclusive for a year is still pretty damn good.

Why the hell would Nintendo collaborate with a third party for a crossover mobile game if the point of Nintendo going mobile is to lure consumers into their products and not third parties?

Her credibility is really on the line now. If two out of three of these things don't happen on the 12th event, few of us will ever listen to her again.

Well I doubt a codename or mention of PS4/XB1/PC versions will happen on the 12th.

Tue Jan 03 17 01:41pm
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I think one of the big issues people are having are either the frequency and/or broadness of a lot of Laura's tips.

"A character will make it into a smash bros game"
"Switch will get a Mario game"
"Zelda will either be out at launch or maybe later"

Not trying to diss her, I couldn't care less for these rumors, but the frustration surrounding her is often warranted

Tue Jan 03 17 11:20am
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Rumors are not spoilers. Thanks and goodnight.

EDIT: This is not the Zelda release date story...whoops. My bad.

In any event, I hope people remember that Beyond Good and Evil bombed when it came out all those years ago, so a sequel or prequel or just another BG&E game wasn't super likely. Nintendo helping to make this happen is a good thing. Be glad you're getting it.

Uhm.. if they are helping it happen shouldn't the game stay exclusive?

The marketing and development divisions being funded lend different levels of priority to Nintendo. The case of Bayonetta 2 is the most obvious example. Bayonetta 2 would not have existed ever without [a company like] Nintendo's involvement. But in the case of something like Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, Nintendo's involvement helped that game happen but a contribution to the marketing budget and bearing the publishing burden allows Team Ninja to develop and Tecmo Koei to fund that development unhindered, and in exchange, Nintendo's obviously not gunna market or publish the game for other consoles, so a timed-exclusive deal is made. When that deal is over, the marketing assets are already available for use; all that's left is to put an Xbox or Playstation logo on it. Having said that, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge being published on Wii U by Nintendo doesn't disqualify it from being published anywhere else.

Ubisoft is a big company, and I'd imagine they don't have any problem funding this project themselves, but they've been playing things pretty safe lately. Ubi's idea of safe is also homogenizing their games to the point where development of games like Assassin's Creed and Watch_Dogs use the same engine and similar assets by the same development teams across different titles to speed up development. Notice also how The Division and Ghost Recon: Wildlands look incredibly similar?

Ubisoft also said a while back that they'd be making everything open world because that was the trend that sold and every game needed that "open world innovation" (Which is also my fear for Zelda because the open world bubble has popped already and nobody's picked up on that yet, and I don't want Breath of the Wild to be affected by that and viewed as 'too little too late.') Bottom line is they're more likely to green-light and fund games like Assassin's Creed and Watch_Dogs because of that whole content per hour mandate, over games like Rayman Origins and Child of Light which have definitive beginnings and ends. You'll see less risks like that being taken by Ubisoft over time.

Having said this, Watch_Dogs 2 severely underperformed, so let's see how Ubisoft's outlook changes, if it will at all.

Many very good points. I was probably thinking around the development costs (Like B2, yes), and if so they should have kept the exclusivity. Hope they do that again and we get Bayo 3 ;)

I also hope that Zelda Wild (Damn that sounds like a bad porn name in after-thought haha) will have a big and rich world with shitloads to do. I know Monolith is helping out there, and XCX was good for what it was, but Zelda needs towns, villages, oddities. I've been playing soe Fallout 4 recently, and the world isn't THATbig, but they fill just enough to keep it interesting. And from what I understand, Zelda Wild (I'm keeping that name from now) is even larger, so I hope they really put all the recourses needed for this one. Seems like they do. Is supposed to be Ninty's biggest project yet(?).

BAck to BGAE2.: Vivendi. The entire "we'll be shoppin Ubisoft" thing plus what you mentioned about risks could mean that BGAE would get even less attention than before. And this is where Nintendo could "pull a Bayonetta 2" with them if they pay up for it.

Oh well... I'm speculating too much again. BAd habbits hehe. Not many days til we find out.


Agreed 110% on Vivendi. That's a wild card that I totally forgot to mention.

And here's my thing on Breath of the Wild: It does look a bit empty, and the way I see it, that's kind of the point. Because it seems like it's gunna have corners of the world like the Game Awards demo where there are these points of prayer that are heavily guarded. I think the prayer shows flashbacks, and the more places you pray at you remember more and more that lead up to how Link died (my prediction) and this is where the dungeons are. Or something like that. And then the shrines are the fast-travel points, etc. I think it's unique and it leads to some potentially interesting design choices. But traversal probably isn't meant to be done more than once, fast-travel is probably mandatory and I fear the complaints of it being too big will result from this.

I'm in the same speculatory boat as you hahaha. Not in the dark for much longer though. Cannot wait for the 12th.

Zelda Wild at least looks like ot has a lot of potential..

Oh and, yes, Friday (for us here) will be a big day. Screw the rumours now. The event is here.


A Mario crossover that doesn't even have Mario in the title? Pull the other one.

Remember Rise of Tomb Raider? Microsoft funded (helped publish and gave the game a platform) the game so they had exclusivity for 12 months. This is probably the case with BGE2. Nintendo probably helped the game move along much faster than it would have without them. A year is a LONG time for exclusivity of a game.

Rayman Legends Switch port - GREAT news! I wish they ported all of Wii U's best games to Switch. ....And I wish those they didn't would just be on the virtual console or something...

Tue Jan 03 17 03:36pm
(Updated 1 time)

Ok, now I know that this is some made-up stuff. Everyone knows that Ubisoft's PR department is ready to do anything in their power, in order not to land out an exclusive/timed exclusive title to Nintendo.

Be it for a 1-week delay or a full-front delay for a multiplatform simultaneous release!

Can the Switch recover from this much shovelware in the first year?

God, please keep Ubisoft away from Switch. Legends is a solid game, but there is no reason to port it.

Rabbids overshadowing Mario is just an abonimation.

And I'm sorry about BGE2 is going to sell like 30,000 copies.


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