Pokemon anime producer & director discuss Ash's infamous kiss scene with Serena

Am I crazy to think it's weird the creators of the Pokemon anime aren't allowed to show characters kissing? I mean, a harmless kiss on the lips...is that something too risque for a kid's cartoon? I think as long as it's not a lingering kiss, and it's not something they show in detail time and time again, one kiss should be just fine!

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I find it weird that within the games the characters never hug. Like, especially in Sun and Moon where the characters are more realized and articulate, and you make some really good friends. They can't even hug each other when they part ways.

Tue Jan 03 17 01:05pm
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"a harmless kiss on the lips" may be what it appears, but it would provide endless fuel for Pokémon shippers to fight over if shown. Having it off-camera allows those in denial to cry themselves to sleep with some slither of hope it didn't happen.

The Pokémon shipping scene really is that crazy (backed by the 1 million views that video has).

Are people actually still in denial?

I don't think they made this decision with "shippers" in mind. It's more that in many places, kissing in entertainment is seen as this sexual act that isn't appropriate for children's TV.

I just cannot handle the Pokémon forums where people literally bully eachother over the Pokémon anime. I am astonished to see just what minor things turns into huge fights and namecalling within it. All it takes is one character standing close to another character, or for one episode to make no new 'progress' ('filler'), and all hell breaks lose.

Anywho. I ended up finding Serena pretty dull overall, and the kiss did not do much for me, aside from the shock that they actually DID kiss. Did not think they would. I agree with RMC, though, that it is very silly that they 'cannot show' things like that.

Tue Jan 03 17 10:19pm
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She was rather dull. I preferred May.

Btw, it's been a while since I've seen your comments. Have you not been posting, or is it just because your gravatar is broken?

I did not care much for May either, I admit, but I am not fit to judge her much since I just did not find that overal generation (and season of anime) to be that good. ^^"

Also, ah, I have been commenting more rarely nowdays, but I have not stopped, I think. ._. Also thank you, I forgot my avatar died on me. Maybe I really should find a new one.

Thank you for noticing me, btw. XD

Infamous? It wasn't even shown properly.

I hate serena, she was pretty dull, and people who said her shipping with ash is canon, shouldn´t, the shipping is only one sided canon, i mean they never going to give ash a girlfriend like he is never going to retire because writers dont know how to write in that show.

The only good thing that came from this are all those Yandere/Killer Serena images on the internet, they are funny xP

Today I learnt about the term "shipping". What a lame word.

Tue Jan 03 17 03:18pm
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When I read comments, I realize the audience in largely American with a sprinkling of other English speaking territories. I do have to say, culturally, we all should be trying to view media relative to their microcosm.

Pokemon as a whole, is a Japanese product made for and by the Japanese. It does have a worldwide appeal and has been shared with those of us who are not Asian Islanders. Therefore, you need to view the context of the show and the games through the lens of the eyes of the creators and their target audience.

Public displays of affection, whether spoken or physical, are in Japan akin to bygone eras elsewhere. So thus, publically embracing and other forms of skinship are viewed as "intimate acts". Even something like hand holding is given weight in their culture.

Some people might view that all as prude or "sexually repressed", but I do not. When you see characters in their media finally kiss or Advance their relationship, it's given weight and respect; something many people have forgotten in an era of apps like Tinder.

Artistically, narratively, and culturally even an act like a kiss in this context was like a bullet fired; and we're still hearing the echoes from it. It was an incredibly tasteful depiction, using the old adage "Less is more"; which in this case if you watch the reaction of the secondary cast including Pikachu it was way more meaningful than anything they could have just shown.

FYI, in Japan, almost no one kisses in public, and I can't remember ever seeing a kiss on TV for the ten years I was there. It's a cultural thing.

Ptch, "infamous". As if this has been Ash's very first first-base contact... His first female kiss was dated back to the Pokemon Heroes movie, and


We also have no idea if that was Latias or Bianca to this day.

Thu Jan 05 17 03:59am
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At least the Pokemon Anime is going farther than 90% of the Shonen-Series. But it's not even just Shonen-Series with such prudish behaviors. Even Series, completely focused on romance like Toradora or Nagi no asukara (a Lull in the Sea) don't feature such scenes, it's like the producers actually fear to create couples who are in love with each other. I'm glad there are Series like "My Love Story!" or "Shin Sekai Yori" (last one get even pretty far whent it comes to gay relationships between the boys and the girls).

So, yeah, in Pokemon we get an implied Kiss which is really cute if you ask me. Your typical Shonen Shujinko never get's the girl he likes. Or he get's the girl at the end of the Show and you will see them again as a couple 20 years later after a timeskip, married with children.

I ask myself till now how Son Goku managed to make 2 Kids.

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