RUMOR - GameStop opening Switch preorders on Jan. 13th

We know the Switch presentation comes on the night of Jan. 12th, but when do official preorders open? In the case of GameStop, it seems Jan. 13th might be the date.

Rumor has it that GameStop locations have received word that preorders open up on the 13th, and each store will have a limited amount to sell. No information on bundles or amounts just yet, but that info should hit GameStop sometime on the 12th.


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Tue Jan 03 17 10:10pm
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You're correct, of course, but I couldn't help myself. I wanted to beat Laura Kate Dale to the punch.

Tue Jan 03 17 07:52pm
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Unrelated rumor: PanurgeJr will preorder the Switch January 13th.

Tue Jan 03 17 10:05pm
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Dude, can you not post that spoiler Smile

Tue Jan 03 17 10:10pm
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You're correct, of course, but I couldn't help myself. I wanted to beat Laura Kate Dale to the punch.

Do you have to put the whole amount down?

I think $50 is usually the minimum.

Thanks. I will be sure to do so!

I would probably bring $100 just in case. I know I will may mine off in full though. Can't wait for next week!

You can put it n any amount to preorder and pay the rest on the launch date

I was kinda expecting this since that's usually the case with Nintendo Directs and announcements, but for sure I'll be up bright and early to put my money down!

I just hope their systems can take it. The last time there was a scheduled nationwide pre-ordrer day (Smash amiibo Wave 3 or 4, iirc) systems all across the country and GameStop's site were crashing.

Tue Jan 03 17 08:07pm
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I've pretty much been banking on this since the timing of the presentation was announced. If Nintendo knocks it out of the park on the evening of the 12th, I wouldn't be surprised to hear reports of Nintendo fans lining-up outside of GameStops around the country.

I just wonder how early I'll need to be there. Will this be a "get there a few hours early" thing.. or a "camp-out overnight" thing?

(edit: I guess it'll be dependent upon a few things. What will supply look like? And what will demand look like? If supplies are limited, or if demand syrockets, we could see things get dicey..)

I'm not going to be a happy panda if they run out of preorders that first day. I plan on going right when they open, but I'll be shit out of luck if they only get 3 per store.

Tue Jan 03 17 08:57pm
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Preorder sell out on day 1 is almost guaranteedSad

I plan on 3 hours before stores open on Switch launch, that's all I'll give to Nintendo's crappy supply situation

I'll try to go to walmart or Amazon or even Gamestop online... The store where I am has absolutely horrible people and I wouldn't be surprised if corporate is specifically trying to shut this store down.

Tue Jan 03 17 08:33pm
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Here's how evil GameStop is: I found a location that was actually good, but corporate closed it because nearby construction caused foot traffic and sales to temporarily dip, rather than just waiting things out. Now there's just bad locations again.

I would really hope there's some time for people who don't even know about it yet to still see some advertising and pick up a preorder somewhere the first couple of days.

Yea pre order! No Man's Sky all over again!

Great news. I'll definitely be there.

Well duh. It's getting announced on Jan. 12.

Not much of a rumor as a common sense thing.

I'm dreading this. I'm going to end up having to call in "sick" for this, and I probably still won't get a preorder. Nintendo has been so bad lately with stock quantities, that I feel confident that I won't be able to land a preorder.

I"ve already got the hookup. As soon as they open up the pre-order, the manager at Gamestop near me will automatically preorder it for me. I just put 100 bucks down on a game for a system I don't own and he'll switch it when its available. No need to worry about getting there at the first possible minute. Man... it pays to know people.

Not a rumour at all. Happens with all new product reveal expos lol

Just wonder who's gonna be the best deal for me here in the UK, as the online / offline options have dwindled the last few years...

I'm guessing this won't be an issue to pre-order. I know there were supply issues with the special 3DS systems and the NES Classic, but there were no pre-order issues with the Wii U that I was aware of and the Switch doesn't seem to be getting as much of a push so far (outside of video game sites and general announcement articles elsewhere). I had no issues getting a Wii U reserved at Gamestop so don't think I'll have an issue with the Swtich. Just guessing as this is a major console release, not a limited system re-release like the 3DS Majora Mask or others, so hopefully no problems at all.


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