RUMOR - More info on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild making Switch launch in NA/Japan, but not EU

The following comes from Eurogamer...

- multiple inside sources state that Nintendo has had a change of heart and will be bringing the game out at Switch launch
- the title will hit this March in both North America and Japan
- launch timing in Europe is unclear
- NoE pushed for as long a period of testing and localisation as could be allowed
- NoE had been working on the proposed schedule of a global launch after the Switch itsel
- NCL had always wanted the game to launch in March, and had been uncomfortable waiting until later
- the decision to move ahead with March regardless of Europe was only finalized by committee at the end of last year


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So many people taking rumors as facts...

Nintendo being an unorganized mess as always.

Thu Jan 05 17 06:49am
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It has absolutely nothing to do with that. There are different language requirements.

So what?

That's not an excuse to this becoming this mess.

Thu Jan 05 17 10:38am
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Eurlpe is miltilingual, so of course they need way mlre time here. Not everyone here speaks English, you know.

Fri Jan 06 17 03:19pm
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And Nintendo is gigantic company with money to hire lots of translators, you know.

If being multilingual was a problem, why isn't this a problem with other games? Was Final Fantasy XV delayed in Europe? No. Was The Witcher 3 delayed in Europe? No. Was Fallout 4 delayed in Europe? No.

Hell, if anything, Nintendo makes LESS translations than other companies.

I live in Brazil, all games from all companies come in Brazilian Portuguese, often times with Brazilian voice acting (even freakin' indie games on the eShop are in Brazilian Portuguese)... Guess what is the only company that doesn't release games in Portuguese here? Yeah, freakin' Nintendo. They have NEVER translated ANYTHING here.

I know way to little about tge gaming scene in Brazil to comment.

What I do know is that here there are many more languages spoken than over there and thus needs more time. Europe is not a country, it's many. And all those have theor own language (well, most).

They just translate to the basic languages in Europe: German, Italian, French, English and Spanish.

Again, indie games are released with those translations and more and they don't get delayed in Europe because of that.

1: it does take time to translate into all those languages.

2: indie games are smaller, Zelda seems to be pretty big.

Translating it to different languages can't be an issue here. Maybe Indie Games are smaller, but not a single Zelda Game is heavy on text, there aren't even much Cutscenes. Square Enix released Final Fantasy XV in every important European language and dubbed it in English, German and French next to Japanese. Release: Worldwide. The Witcher 3: Even more Dubs, released Worldwide, even in Japan.

Sorry but no. Even a text heavy Game like Pokemon is released worldwide since X/Y. If they can't do this with Zelda, something is not right.

We have no idea how text heavy this game actually is... yet.

I'll be waiting for the NS event on Friday and see then.

Thu Jan 05 17 12:20pm
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Mess? So far as we know, Nintendo established the Spring 2017 release and that never changed. I don't see how it's their fault that rumormongers have created a rollercoaster of information.

That does not mean you are a mess

Just like all the rumors flying around?

Thu Jan 05 17 01:21pm
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I think you mean "NoE," because if you are assuming the rumor is true, NCL and NoA have always been pushing for launch. NoE were the ones wanting to wait longer and tried to push back the NA and JP releases along with their own.

Another thing worth considering? Maybe these rumor mongerers are trying to cover their asses since they were all saying "delay" in concert yet all signs keep pointing to launch in some (all?) territories. Now their rumor is "it might be at launch, it might not." Making them "right" regardless of the outcome.

Well I'm crossing my fingers for region free now as having to wait for it to hit the UK would be unbearable. Saying that, some UK promotional materials going up in shops still put Zelda at launch and they'd have to be printed recently... Who knows?

Heart break if this is true, they'd be so much info on the game online and the story before us lot got a chance to play it!

Surely the English language version of the game will be the same as the US version. So I'd import too!

Sorry Europe you deserve it after the whole Pokemon Game Corner thing
I'm kidding.

I really doubt Nintendo would not make it available for the EU around launch. They never done so with Zelda before. Zelda games always released around the same time for all NA/JP/EU, just usually one or two days apart.

Thu Jan 05 17 08:05am
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Welp, there goes my day one Switch purchase (if it ends up being delayed in europe ofc).

Man, just be happy that you could have afforded to buy a Switch on day one. I don't know if I'll be able to get one in 2017 at all!

Makes sense, since, generally speaking, they'd only have to work on one language each for the NA and JP releases. Whereas the EU release would need to contain multiple languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, etc.).

While I agree with what you are saying, NA localizations are more than just English. They also do Spanish and French because Mexico and Canada (French Canadians) are also part of North America.

I'm aware of that, but you don't always see French and Spanish options in NA versions of games. There may be regional variations for Mexico and Quebec to include Spanish and French? Just that many games that I've purchased have only had an English option (or sometimes English/Japanese; which often happens when the English and Japanese versions were worked on simultaneously).

Nowadays, most games, particularly Nintendo games, only show the other language if your system is configured to that language in the general settings menu. I know for a fact that was the case with most Nintendo games for the Wii and 3DS...there is no option to change the language in the game itself but the games DO come with more languages.

While it is a nice detail from an objective standpoint (and a big win for our spanish speaking countries) it is sometimes problematic, since while I do enjoy some of my Wii games in spanish, most just sound and play better in plain english. Being able to change the "default language" for each game is one of those nice options homebrew allows for the Wii.

Maybe be crazy, Nintendo, and offer an English-only download on the eShop for those who WANT IT, and patch in languages later???

There's really no reason not to do this if localization is the only problem.

EU- languages strike again.

If delay, then delay for all players and not only in Europe
PLEASE Nintendo

Thu Jan 05 17 01:29pm
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Though I feel for you if it's delayed, my Swedish friend, no thanks.

If the NA version is ready to ship at launch, I want it there Day 1.

So many people taking rumors as facts...

Just release the game with all the text in Hylian.

Thu Jan 05 17 12:04pm
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Disappointing for Europe, but not surprising. They have a ton of languages to get through in the localization process. But I can see them either rushing the localization process as a result of NCL's decision or launching with just one or two languages and patching others in later. Delaying it past launch doesn't seem like something they would want to do.

Europe getting games late? Business as usual in this industry.

I presume the EU localisers are working from the translated English version rather than the original Japanese and that's what's causing the delay. Usually when translating a different team works on each language so it shouldn't take much longer than having just one translation.

This ain't gonna be a thing. What, so us in the UK and those over in Europe are gonna get the new Mario [for example] instead? Come on...

Zelda will come out worldwide same week.

Sounds reasonable and that would explain a lot all the confusion (and also why they still haven't really confirmed the release timing.


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