GoNintendo: Today's BIG Story (1/5/17) - The day Nintendo fans won't get any sleep!

Welcome to Today's BIG Story for Jan. 5th, 2017. If you thought the Switch presentation on the 12th was exciting, Nintendo has another bombshell event for you!

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This is exactly what I was wondering about..

If you're in the Eastern Time zone, you get to see the event at 11PM. Then, if you want to secure a preorder at GameStop, there's a good chance that you'll want to be waiting outside of GameStop pretty early on the morning of the 13th.. but how the heck are you going to fall asleep after watching the presentation? I know I'm not going to fall asleep easily on the night of the 12th, especially if the presentation knocks my socks off.

Then, when you get back from preordering at GameStop, there's a TreeHouse broadcast going-on! Can't sleep when there's a chance that Chico will be inventing new ways to torment bokoblins!

It's going to be a draining 16 hours for Nintendo fans.

Thu Jan 05 17 08:11pm
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I don't get the whole "no sleep" thing. Let's say the event is an hour long and ends at midnight. The tree house thing is at what, 9, 9:30? That's more time for sleep than is recommended. And if people need to get up for work, then the tree house thing is moot.

Thu Jan 05 17 08:58pm
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Also not forget GameXplain will have a 5 fives times longer discussion video about the event.

Thu Jan 05 17 09:24pm
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OK. I don't really know what you're talking about or what your point is, but sure.

Thu Jan 05 17 11:59pm
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You think the wait from January to March will be long? I agree!

But remember all those bonkers people last year that suddenly started complaining about how Nintendo was waiting too long to present, and they clearly need 6-12 months after learning everything to decide whether they want a Switch? That Nintendo doesn't know what they're doing? What was that about?

Whoever they hire needs to be a miracle worker.

And can someone please explain why viewing and commenting on this site is almost unbearable on my Wii U gamepad? I keep getting endless "script execution" pop up messages.

It may be the ads. They're pretty much the only thing I think of that would pop up the script errors because it refreshes every few seconds.

I know I'll have to get up early/skip sleeping to see the event in Europe... Stop harping on it ;P

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