GoNintendo Talking Points: IGN's Sony crew talks Switch & Nintendo - A Rebuttal

I watched a video IGN shared that featured some of their Sony crew discussing the Switch, as well as Nintendo in general. I thought I'd respond with my own two cents.

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I'm a long time visitor to this site but I've never signed up until now. The reason :- Just to say congratulations on your well thought out, sensible and fair rebuttal of that IGN Sony crew Nintendo bashing. I'm a multi platform gamer and couldn't believe my ears, especially Mr Altano. (btw he was back for the latest NVC which came out today. Loves Super Mario Run ????)

Again, really enjoyed your video and congrat's on sticking to facts, being frank and not clickbaiting.

I'm just the same RMC, the only issue I have with the 3DS at this point in time is I get tired quick of playing on a small screen these days, and I wish there was something on the Wii U to play my 3DS games on the big screen, even if still at the same resolution, just for my personal comfort. I don't have bad eyesight or anything but I don't know, smaller screens, I have a harder time dealing with now than I did when the system launched. Maybe because I got so used to tablets and phablets that it's hard to go back... just like when the DS launched, after not owning a GBA SP, I couldn't go back to playing on non-backlit screens anymore, despite not having any issues with it before.

The Switch however does for me what I wish the 3DS did so for me that's the perfect system, that's it. Also I like to show games to my friends, like "I'm playing this for review right now" but I can't do that very well if they have to hug around the tiny screen of a 3DS, but on the Switch that won't ever be a problem again. It may or may not reach the level of power of the other systems when docked, we'll see. At this point I'm not expecting it and I'm not letting it dampen my enthusiasm as the games and how good they look, more design-wise than tech-wise, is what's going to really drive it home for me. Of course I'd like the system to be as powerful as it could be so devs have as little excuse as possible to not develop for it, but I'll be getting whatever games come for it that are good.

I'd like to put it out there by the way for the record that... I DID buy Mass Effect 3 on Wii U. Just not at full price though, for the reason RMC mentions up there... But I have yet to play it simply because, indeed, the first two aren't on the system and it's a series where this kind of thing matters more than in any other as I'm told. But I did buy the game, new, not used, to show that I do support third party games on the system. In fact, for the first six months of the system, I bought only third party games, I picked the Nintendo ones only at that point when no other 3rd party games were coming out for it. I'm part of the crowd who sticks with Nintendo first and foremost because most of Nintendo's franchises are among my favourites and I can only find them on Nintendo systems... plus I like that their hardware is arguably far sturdier (Nintendium powah!). But whatever great games third parties bring to it, I'll be buying them, even before Nintendo games if third parties' are great. I didn't buy New Super Mario Bros. U or Nintendoland at launch because I couldn't care less about those two, but I knew Nintendo games that would eventually be indispensable to me would come later. My first game was ZombiU, a third party game, and it's one of my favourites on the system. I bought the ZombiU bundle we got in Europe just for that game. There's much that I don't agree with in IGN's video. I'm glad you RMC made that response video and I think you were fair in everything you said.


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