Platinum president wants to create brand-new original IP within the next 3 years

Coming from Platinum Games' president, Kenichi Sato...

Last year, PlatinumGames celebrated its 10th anniversary, and it proved to be a major turning point in our company’s history. We’ve worked hard to reorganize our company in order to achieve further progress in the next 10 years, such as by reforming the company structure and by improving the working conditions. I have also told all of the company staff about my intentions to create a completely new and original company-owned IP within 3 years. Ever since PlatinumGames was founded, we’ve always dreamed of owning our own IP, and last year we made the first steps towards achieving that goal.

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Go batshit and surpeise us!

Sat Jan 07 17 02:08pm
Rating: 1

Awesome news! Always great to see what Platinum comes up with.

Hopefully their next title will end up on the switch!!

I would love to see them do a traditional platformer with beat-em-up aspects.

Sat Jan 07 17 04:57pm
Rating: 1

Whatever it is, I hope to see it on Switch

I hope they have Switch in mind for these new projects. This is such a great team.

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