Impressive work. This really just makes me wish for a Return to the N64 art direction. It really is my favorite of the series. Yes I know nostalgia is probably mostly the reason for that but nontheless Smile
I was playing through Majoras Mask 3D again recently and I had forgotten how incredible of a job Grezzo did remaking that game. So many small adjustments and fine tuning that I really appreciated.

Is this still remaking? I mean, from the perspective of only refining presentation, how much do you add to a game? If for example, someone, polished artistically Super Metroid but keep the gameplay unchanged, are we playing a different game or just looking at it through different lens?

A person could probably go back and forth on how much the video above represents a "remastered" game or a "rebuilt" game. But what we see in that video was what I wanted when a remake of Ocarina of Time was announced so long ago. I'd actually prefer the remakers not be confined by the old models, textures, and game designs, and really update the game to feel more alive.

I still enjoyed the 3DS remakes, but I hope someday we can get a truly modernized version of Ocarina of Time.

It's nice still like Nintendo, fan creators still have certain flaws. For example, Link's face when obtaining an item. The eyes aren't solved yet. The colors may be too bright. The flow of movement needs to be refined further, etc. I'm not saying it's a finished work, just pointing how it's not easy prettifying a game, since when you add more fidelity some animations or gameplay quirks can look off, like them having to fix how link stands on stairs.

Nintendo attempted to reinterpret the OoT style with Twilight Princess, but as people have pointed out, it looks to trying to emulate that feel more than being it's own thing. Like how the new Star Wars movies can't seem to break through the want of feeling like the original trilogy and not try anything new like in the prequels.

All in all, Nintendo seems to be trying to go forward and learn from previous Zelda with BotW. It may not look like OoT or MM, but I don't think it needs to. It's nice to appreciate the past but we also have to look into the future and inevitably make new mistakes.

This is getting into the whole discussion regarding remake vs remaster vs port vs update vs etc. call it what you will lol

Remaster might be the better word I suppose. Other than the obvious updated visuals, the team re worked boss fights, streamlined certain dungeons, and even changed the square footage of south clock town to more accurately reflect the scale of the map. So in a sense yes, this could
Be seen as a remake since gameplay was affected in many ways.


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