GoNintendo - Today's BIG Story 1/9/17 - Switch accessories confirm voice chat, plus more motion control talk

Welcome to Today's BIG Story for Jan. 9th, 2017. An accessory listing has 100% confirmed voice chat for the Switch. On top of that, the wording on another accessory has reignited the motion control discussion.

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In before, Chat may just be limited to friends. That might still be the case.

Mon Jan 09 17 09:33pm
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Still not sure "wand" is that weird a term to use for 'holding towards the TV'.

Mon Jan 09 17 09:34pm
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I could care less about voice chat. (Though I did miss it greatly in Animal Crossing New Leaf and quit the game early on because of it)

I'm just hoping they don't screw up royally by ignoring an achievement system again. That's literally the final thing preventing me from being 100% hyped with this system, and while I'll probably buy it day 1 either way for nintendo games whether or not an achievement system is included will determine whether I choose my PS4 or Switch for multiplatform games.

So you don't care about VC but do at the same time?? Your statement seems contradicting to me. The Switch needs voice chat options from the main menu, so it can be done with any game. I want to see what friends are doing online, easily join them in a game or have a group chat. Achievement system would be nice, but I'm not a big fan of it on the X1. I never have played a game to unlock achievements, just happens naturally sometimes while playing a game. If there was more to them, like incorporating My Nintendo points, I think I would enjoy them more.

I care about it for particular games that had them in the past, but I wouldn't be bothered if there wasn't a system-wide VC system. I mean, Wii U kinda had that with Wii U chat and after about a year I stopped using it in favor of skype calls. Of course I know others find it more important, but at least with Voice Chat we know Nintendo can do it if they want to. On the other hand I'm not sure that most of Nintendo's R&D teams even know how to use achievements properly (Though Sakurai's Games certainly do)

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