Suda51 wants a Switch, interested in making a game for it

Coming from Suda51...

“I want one (a Switch). Nintendo always makes really cool, interesting hardware that gives us new things to do. On the Wii, not to brag, but I feel that I made a game that used that Wii technology in one of the best ways. I want to find a cool new way to play using what Switch offers.”

Oh man, DON'T get me excited like this, Suda! I so want a game from you on the Switch. Let's hope he's already cooking up an idea!


Mon Jan 09 17 11:50pm
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The only way this will happen if Nin supports all those patent ideas they have for the Switch. If so then Suda's games will be very awesome indeed!

Tue Jan 10 17 12:33am
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He'll put a game mechanic involving taking in and out the switch off the dock.

Lmao. I can dig that until my ears fall off!

There have been some crazy game mechanics on Nintendo's DS and Wii hardware. Notably, the DS had some crazy awesome/stupid ones like closing the DS to solve a puzzle. Mindbogglingly obtuse and yet incredibly obvious at the same time.

I always thought it would've been a cool mechanic for a Wii U game to use the game pads tv remote function, and in the middle of a boss battle the tv kept turning off, or changing input. Maybe it was a tad too complex, or too many variables to put in place- but that could've been interesting

Maybe it was too complex - I liked what Straight Right did with Mass Effect 3 and what Platinum did with Wonderful 101.

Mon Jan 09 17 11:52pm
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We are all thinking No More Heroes 2 3 right?

i was thinking in NMH3 actually... :P

Wasn't Desperate Struggle the sequel? I mean now with fans up in arms with certain sequels it is a valid question. Who knows.

Also there was Lollipop Chainsaw which had some similar elements. Like a set of bad guys to kill, weird minigames and the chainsaw was kinda like the light saber Travis uses. Maybe it's time for a crossover event in the Sudaverse.

I would take a No More Heroes 3 as long as it were more like NMH2.

Pass if he wants to make it more like NMH1.

Why not both NMHs? Action mechanic from the second while the open world from the first? There could be a possibility to walk into a mission or just click on it like the second one pretty much did; since the Switch is more powerful than Wii.

"Why not both NMHs?"

In a world where he had theoretically infinite development resources, that would be acceptable.

In a world where creating an optional city that I have no interest in would ultimately take away money/time/staff/attention/q-a/polish from the parts of the game I actually like, I cannot get behind that.

Not all of Suda's games are to my liking, but I feel we are enriched by him making games. He tries a lot of interesting concepts. Sometimes, they fall flat on their face. Sometimes, he really does find interesting twists.

I'll be interested to see what he'll come up with.

hear hear.

While some game mechanics may be clunky, the overall game itself is always interesting. I loved his output on Nintendo's hardware. Especially Killer 7.

I'm a huge Suda 51 fan so I say bring it ooooooonnnnnn!!! I still remember when No More Heroes was one of the first wii games to be known. I must have watched that trailer a hundred times.

Really curious what the team has in mind after Let It Die. It seems like their hits inform their next couple of games/projects.

With the touchscreen and being portable, we might be able to see a port of Suda51's first game, The Silver Case. There was once existed a DS port that was planned but never released. I have a video of the prototype on YouTube if you search up "silver case ds".
A remastered version of The Silver Case is now being released on Steam and PS4; but could make its way to NS if Grasshopper team ever want to seek testing the waters developing on the platform.
Of course, I'd love to see a brand new IP from him though.


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