Pokemon GO being blocked from release in China due to 'security risk' concerns by state censor

Pokemon GO isn't available in China, one of the biggest mobile markets out there. Niantic, Pokemon Co. and Nintendo would love to have the game available there, but it's not happening at this point. The Chinese state censor has said Pokemon GO is blocked from release in China due to security risks that need to be evaluated. More specifically, these concerns include "a threat to geographical information security and the threat to transport and the personal safety of consumers."

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Should be as simple as pulling out the AR feature in the game, no? Maybe put in a thing where you can add Pokemon you've caught to photos on your phone.

lmao yea right. They just don't want them gaining more money & sales record. China still hiding something they don't want us to see.

I still struggle to figure out if your posts are satire or not...

Both to tell you the truth.

The funniest part is that there is already clone in the chinese market. They are either really paranoiac and think this is a "spy" app for the american government, or they just don't want it to compete against the china made clones.

Tue Jan 10 17 10:22pm
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Knowing the Chinese market, they'll probably ignore it and make a bootleg version of Pokemon GO to replace it.

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