How well do you know your Mega Man robot masters?

Thanks to JonLeung for the heads up!

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Wed Jan 11 17 02:07pm
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Thanks for sharing! This video took quite a while for me to put together, but in the end I hope it's still as amusing as I think it is!

What was the final tally of each guest?

Wed Jan 11 17 05:43pm
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I was thinking of doing a "behind-the-scenes/deleted scenes" follow-up video, because I had to cut out a few things (mostly before/after the guessing) that were still funny. Maybe I'll put the tally up on that one. Offhand, I know Colin (who was the first one to film) got all of Mega Man: Powered Up correctly (seemed like a great start), and got 7/8 on Mega Man 3, and while Ruben got 5/8 on MM:PU and 4/8 and in a row on MM4 correct, almost all other guesses (other than the obvious) were wrong. I'm certain Colin did the best but no one actually got a passing grade, other than my brother, who got almost all, but ended up choosing not to be in this.

Still a good video. Keep up the good work.

I updated the video to have their correct names as annotations that can be toggled on/off, so you can see the names for comparsion, or not see them if you want to play along to try to guess. Hope that makes it even more interesting and fun.

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