F-Zero X hitting Wii U VC tomorrow (North America)

In this futuristic racer, the key to winning is speed!

Choose from 30 different hover-car racers, including updated versions of the Blue Falcon and other vehicles from the original F-Zero, and get ready to play one of the fastest racers ever! Race to the finish line on tracks that twist and turn through the air. However, you will have to avoid the other 29 cars on the track or else face the consequences! If you're in a competitive mood, try to win a Grand Prix Cup, get the fastest lap time in a Time Trial, or destroy the competition in a Death Race. You can also challenge three friends in the Versus mode. With five separate play modes, hidden vehicles and courses, and an excellent sound track, F-Zero X still represents one of the best racing titles to date!

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Isn't it already out? Wasn't there some kind of control issue too? Too lazy to boot up eshop right now lol or was that EU that got FZX earlier?

Yep, EU already got the game. NA is just now seeing a release.

Wed Jan 11 17 05:18pm
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The control issue was patched in the PAL release (I don't know if they used the original PAL version or the NA version).

It doesn't fix the controls 100% and even if the Wii U's controls didn't have deadzones built in by default, the anti-epilepsy filter all VC games use would some introduce slight input lag anyways so...

Basically the controls are better, but not 1:1 to the N64 original.

Wed Jan 11 17 07:26pm
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I have this game for N64. Loved it so much. Finished it and errr yeah I won't rebuy such games I own on VC...

Now what would be great is if Ninendo made a TOKEN SYSTEM where by maybe some peripheral that attaches to WiiU BY USB(and SWITCH)u plug in a cart....and it knows you own that game on cart and you download the game for FREE. Same for NES,SNES...and a disc thing in this same peripheral for Gamecube and Wii Games. Same for Wiiu games to SWITCH perhaps.

I been thinking of a such a thing for years. It can be done technically. The exact details of how the technical geniuses would have to work that out. heh.

But the basic premise i think is a solid idea.
Of course they wont do i....it wont make them any money. heheh ;)

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