Indie Switch dev shares big excitement for Switch, adds fuel to the VR rumor

Stephen E. Dinehart IV may not be a name that is instantly recognizable to Nintendo fans, but it's one they should pay attention to. He's worked a number of years in the game industry on some major titles, but now he's going things alone. Most recently, we shared the following tweet from Stephen.

At the time, we were wondering just what Stephen was involved in. While that's still the case, we at least have a clearer look at his ties to the Switch through a recent blog post he shared. Be warned, his wording is only going to get you more hyped for Switch.

As a Nintendo developer and fan few things get me as excited as the launch of new platforms - yep, hardware. In an age of virtual goods Nintendo develops products and platforms that people love to hold. The reveal coming later this week is sure to surprise old fans and new alike.

It should come as no surprise though, about 20 years ago Nintendo released the first home Virtual Reality (VR) console for consumers. Yes, you read correctly, in 1995 to be precise, first in Japan. Despite the 20 million dollar Ad campaign in North America, Virtual Boy was a flop. One that Nintendo junkies like myself cherish to this day. It only seems natural with the launch of Nintendo's new platform The Switch, a modular HD game console, that VR would be on the product roadmap. Given the right specs, ones yet disclosed, there's no reason VR peripherals wouldn't show for the system and just maybe something more. As a Nintendo and VR/AR developer I can't say much, but I can say the fit is one made in heaven.

...Now as part of the Nintendo team few moments in my life as an emerging tech developer have filled me with so much anticipation - this is one step in evolution you won't want to miss.

Seems like Stephen has reason to believe VR is going to be involved with the Switch. That's not a crazy thought at all, especially considering the patent that popped up recently. All I know for sure is...tomorrow can't get here soon enough.

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Not a big VR fan myself, as I prefer couch multiplayer experiences. But you're right RMC, this has ratcheted up the hype meter to levels heretofore unknown.

Wed Jan 11 17 02:46pm
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I am so not a fan of VR! I hope Nintendo doesn't put too much money in that sink hole. Way way too many barriers of entry and nothing has of yet made me think that some games would be better in VR.

Trying it 15-20 minutes for fun and giggles, sure why not but I don't see myself getting excited to the point of wanting to put those goggles every time I want to play...

I tried the PSVR and Vive and it didn't click. I smiled but there is so much ways to break the immersion it isn't even funny. Also, the people I know who own a headset don't play them anymore or used them only to watch friends and grandma play.

A Google Cardboard type of headset? Meh, at least it won't cost 800$

I'm excited for fun games I can share with people in the room with me!

Wed Jan 11 17 02:51pm
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Quite literally every traditional non-multiplayer experience is better in VR. Having a sense of place in a virtual world is bigger than the jump to HD and 3D combined.

Wed Jan 11 17 03:08pm
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I'm going to politely disagree. I will never, ever want to play a VR platformer, any day, ever.

A 3D platformer in a first person view )of course) does actually sound pretty good. Just imagine the way you have to look down on the omatforms to time the jump. A setting in some darn tall, above the clouds tower ...

Wed Jan 11 17 07:39pm
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Me too NIGHTS OWL I hate VR.

However recently (shown at CES 2017) saw these: https://youtu.be/gOhd3vPN3EM ....If Nintendo did a thing where it is AR with shades as tiny a normal sized ones AS THOSE ARE....THEN I AM DEFINITELY IN!!! If it is as the patent shows...putting the SWITCH inside that thing like googles cardboard...i ain't playing any VR Nintendo games period. So if they have VR exclusives i will miss out ...i want to play the games traditionally. Don't want to play with a VR headset.

If they are going to join the current VR band wagon with huge headsets....fuck that. If they adopts an AR with a normal sized shades/sunglasses size with head tracking too maybe...oh oh imagine Metroid like that.. YEAH. I can still see in the real world but i'm also immersed in the game world ..PERFECT.

It would be smaller and more comfortable plus if it MORE AR I can still see with my own natural eyes.
That would be awesome....VR with these huge headsets COVERING your eyes.

I thought it was only me not taken in by this VR craze..and ignoring the simple fact of being electronically blindfolded. The experience could be as fun and immersive as ever ...BUT me personally does not like the fact that it blindfolds me from the real world so i cant see shit and i have to constantly wear this THING on my head that is relatively massive.

Nobody seems to think that is a bad thing? Locking you out from the natural world. What 's next jacking us into the matrix?

Oh I know more but people do not like it when you get DEEP. heh Peace.

Too much stuff to break the immersion like the absence of physicality (not feeling hits for example), the absence of force (no gforce in tight turns or acceleration in racing games) and the unrealistic way you can move are some ways I get brought out of the game.

I played a Resident Evil demo and being able to just put my head through the crazy girl just made everything fall apart. I could also look inside my own shoulder. I know that when you play a game you have to "put yourself in the game" but it's too easy to break the magic for me. Turning full speed in a Ferrari while going down a hill made me feel weird because there were some forces missing. Also, my face was dripping with sweat. :P

I get the possibility of an "experience" but that is not really gaming for me. You lose all of the social aspects. I like to play in my living room and still be able to easily answer the phone, get a drink, talk to my friend etc. The sense of place is a fun experiment but does not take a huge part in what makes a game fun for me. When I'm always getting reminded that I'm not there and that it is virtual, it breaks the illusion for me. I was more immersed when I played Oxenfree.

I'll take a movie or virtual "experience" in VR before a game any day.

Wed Jan 11 17 02:50pm
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I don't see why Nintendo wouldn't release some kind of cheap VR solution for the Switch.

People seem to love everything related VR. It doesn't need to good. Everything VR has done until now has been, honestly, utterly S***T. But because of the hype and because of the Youtubers making videos about it screaming at the screen sayings it's awesome, EVERYONE loves it.

So just make some plastic case so people can use VR cellphone style and everyone will be happy and think it's the best most revolutionary thing in the world.

Gamers nowadays are an ignorant crownd you can easily control with stupid VR gimmicks and by giving money to Youtubers so they can make brainwash all the Internet for you.

Really, that's about it... Give free s***t to Youtubers and the Internet is in your hands, end of the story.

Yeah....this def hyped me up more...and I was trying really hard to keep a level head!

Wow. His words definitely have me more excited and not necessarily because of the VR angle.

When you take what Image and Form said a couple months ago in their vlog, plus Bethesda saying the hardware demo presented to them by Nintendo was the best they've been a part of, and now this... it just gets me hyped. When developers are excited, I'm excited!

Virtual Boy had 3D games, not Virtual Reality games.

It was advertised as VR and somewhat simulated it depending on the game. (Telro Boxer)

It was as "VR" as you could get back then. Just no games even took the first person "VR" angle, so it was largely just a 3D headset. Which is what VR headsets nowadays would be if they didn't have motion tracking.

It will be great if Nintendo can pull a rabbit from the hat in terms of some spectacular surprise but I remain very skeptical. Sorry but they've been extremely disappointing for the last number of years.

A VR remaster of Metroid Prime is going to be announced tomorrow. Its pretty much just a graphics overhaul, they arn't adding anything new to it but it will come with the head set to hold the screen.

Not much to say beyond that, it is pretty impressive. The demo they had was just a bit of Phendrona Drifts. The snow on the head set was pretty immersive, coupled with Samus' reflection when light hits her helmet the right way. The left joy con is for moving Samus and the right is for her aiming her arm cannon. It is going to be Nintendo's big push into VR.

A VR remaster of Metroid Prime is going to be announced tomorrow.


No offense to the indie developer, I'd be more excited if these comments came from a developer/publisher that disregarded Nintendo platforms in the past. Like the Bethesda Director. Or the Final Fantasy 15 Director.

My excitement stems more from the games itself than the VR rumors. Want to see what the Japanese third parties bring to the table.

Well, a guy from Bethesda did say that the demo Nintendo gave them for the Switch was the best he'd ever seen (or something to that effect!)

Yeah, I know that's why I brought him and the FF director up. I think comments like these would carry a bit more weight had they come from people that aren't normally Nintendo developers. I took notice when the Bethesda guy made that statement about it being the greatest thing ever. We need to hear more from people like him. Don't get me wrong, it's good that this developer is excited for the Switch. I'm already hyped enough so his comments here doesn't do much else for me. VR doesn't excite me at all but if there's one thing not to worry about the Switch, it's the Indie presence.

Please Nintendo..NO vr..specially Metroid..please..

Oh PLEASE be true. I see there several people who don't like it, but no one is forcing you to use it. The VR games will be unique games for us who actually like/love VR.

And I know that Nintendo can have their own twist on it.

I'm getting a Switn anyway, but if VR is comin' I will fight for one :D

I don't care about VR, especially after years of being spoiled with glasses-free 3D. That said, if it makes the Switch more successful with gamers, and thus allowing more 3rd party (and 1st party games), bring on the bulky headset!

VR cannot be done with a 720p screen...I mean it could but it would be absurd disgustingly low resolution.

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