Nintendo NY - limited quantity of Switch pre-orders available on January 13

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Get all that bad news out now I suppose.

Wed Jan 11 17 07:14pm
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I mean its not like the NY store will have an unlimited amount, especially how big the lines to that store gets........ they are probably announcing it ahead of time before some people camp outside the store. But yeah expect the usual when it comes to pre-orders. =/

I'm guessing the lower than expected sales of the Wii U is what's making Nintendo (or NoA at least) launch new consoles at more "modest" numbers (one issue the Wii U faced was they overestimated the demand, thinking it'd sell thanks to the brand recognition of the "Wii" name). But I get the feeling Nintendo and the rest of us have a different idea of "modest" numbers when it comes to launch availability.

...oh boy I hope this isn't another NES Classic situation...

I would think the official Nintendo Store, out of all of the possible stores in the US, wouldn't have to deal with limited preorders.

The official Nintendo store always says something like "while supplies last" because they are one store that's very popular. Many people just make it an outing to buy something from there.

Wed Jan 11 17 07:20pm
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The nightmare begins...

Well this sucks for me.

Wed Jan 11 17 07:27pm
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If there is one place that should never run out..the one thing that would stop me from getting the switch day one it's if I have to camp out for it..I'm getting too old for this..

Wed Jan 11 17 07:34pm
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right? im way to busy with life in order to camp out for a console now a days. hopefully i will be able to snatch one up through an online retailer.

i mean producing a shortage makes people angry not hyped. since the nes classic had issues this will make people more angry.

The reason why I stopped buying amiibo was because I could not find them..so I gave up..

Already preparing to have to dodge BotW spoilers for a few extra weeks (or more) due to this.

Thanks for nothing Nintendo, literally. :P

Wed Jan 11 17 07:41pm
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Here we go...Prepare to see this throughout 2017

guess I'll head to the mall before th store opens, can catch the 8:30am bus there, kill time til the store opens....am guessing EBGames may have limited stock as well.

do they have any wii u's?

Wed Jan 11 17 07:54pm
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Even if they had 7,000 pre-orders available, that would still be limited everyone. This thing is going to sell out regardless of how many they make at launch. ESPECIALLY if they don't stagger the release like they should have done for the NES Classic. Let's release a system that everyone wants everywhere... ON THE SAME DAY!


If Nintendo pulls-off a solid show tomorrow night, things could get verrrrrry interesting on Friday morning here in the States.

I feel sorry for those who expected "unlimited" preorders to be available. "Infinite preorders at the NYC store!"

Wed Jan 11 17 08:34pm
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Lol..... I know right!

Wed Jan 11 17 08:41pm
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There's a place in heaven for you..

Looks like they're starting the artificial shortages early this time

If the Nintendo World Store is limited, then expect all the other stores to have even Less!
-It's such a Shame...

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