Walmart's computer system updated with Switch placeholder

Walmart has joined in with Best Buy and Target. I think we're all hoping that Best Buy has the right price. I think the $300 Target price would be a tough sell, unless it was with a bundled game. The $400 listed for Walmart is just unthinkable!

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$399? Sounds like what it would cost in Canada Smile

If they charge $300 USD it sure will be... I REALLY hope it's not though.

it's $299 bundle w/ game, $250 without.
i still find it to be a bit too much. the idea has merits i just don't know that i trust nintendo after being burned so many times.
nonetheless i look forward to hearing more tomorrow.

Personally I'm fine with it being $299 with a game since hey it just means I'm paying for the game too, it's pretty much exactly the same as buying a game-less console and one game with it. The big thing though is the game itself needs to be a good one, and most of the time the big three (meaning Sony and Microsoft too) make their pack in games something they know people want (I got a copy of Uncharted 4 with my PS4 Slim).

If the console is as powerful at the PS4 Pro or Xbox Scorpio than $399 is fine. But we know it isn't going to be that powerful.

I hate taking the Xbox or PS4 upstairs when I want to play on the big TV... Imagine trying to play it on the go. :P

You could get a second dock, have one on each TV, and just a matter of taking the screen up to the other TV. Think they were gonna sell extra TV docks.

I know.. I'm just reffering to the point that people are whining that a super powerful tablet.. isn't quiet as powerful as a huge arse non-portable machine.

I'm not whining, I could care less how powerful the system is. I'm going to buy it regardless. I'm just justifying the $399 price point.

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