GameStop locations posting Switch preorder allotments on front doors - confirmed true

We reported on this last week, but now we see it's the real deal. Get out to your local GameStop and see how many units will be available. Good luck to all that brave the cold night! Thanks to Lester for the heads up!

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I wonder how much demand there is going to be for this.

I just remember waiting for the WiiU orders to go live ... with no one else at GameStop other than the store manager and the district manager (who admittedly came in to order the console as well).

I hope I am wrong.

I also hope I can still get one after my 10 a.m. meeting tomorrow.

PS -- Figuring 5,000 US locations getting an average of 30 units, that's 150,000.

It is hard to say if this could be another Wii situation. I was still in high school when the Wii pre-orders opened so I had to ask my dad to get the pre-order in for me when he was on his lunch break (his work isn't far from GameStop), and he was lucky enough to get one of the last pre-order slots at the store.

I'll be at my local GameStop when it opens at 10 AM to get in my pre-order. I'm hoping that because tomorrow is a weekday this means most people will be busy at work and will try and pre-order later in the day (my personal job doesn't start until around 5 PM). At best I'm expecting only a small handful of other people to have the same idea.

Thu Jan 12 17 09:30pm
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38... that's 28 more than I thought there'd be. Well played, GameStop

Another post on another site shows 23 at a different location.
Rumor was 20 to 30 per store. So these numbers are in line with that -- or higher.

Are you admitting you were wrong? Well played, T27duck!

(I'm just giving you crap. You've been extremely helpful any time I've needed to contact you about site issues. Enjoy the Switch event!)

Only 16 at mine. Jeez... I'm not confident

Have they mentioned anything about whether or not they'd do a midnight launch for Switch?

Unfortunately I won't be able to preorder as soon as Gamestop opens but I'll try my best around 5pm when I will be able to head out. Otherwise I'm hoping Amazon will bless me with a preorder. The only Nintendo console I've been able to get at launch has been a Wii U. I hope for my sake it's not the Wii all over again...I only managed to get a Wii because my dad happened to be at Walmart the day after Christmas (a year after launch) and they had one single Wii.


So yeah, this is whats happening in my nearest one. One of the perks of being near downtown L.A I guess.


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