Sync new Joy-Cons by sliding them on/off the Switch screen

The process of syncing up new Joy-Cons to your Switch is very easy. All you have to do is slide them onto your Switch unit and then slide off and you're good to go. Should make multiplayer gaming super easy!

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Fare thee well Red Sync buttons. You shan't be missed.

...unless we use you for Pro Controllers or other accessories.

Either way, this is great news. a small detail but one that can make a big difference. People like convenience.

Now that is pretty neat!

so this is how I steal my friends' consoles. slide controllers in and then act like it's mine since my controls work >.>

This will be one of those underappreciated gems of the system.

It honestly could be the new "blowing the cartridge" kind of weirdly nostalgic memories people will have when looking back on this system in the future

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