Nintendo Switch won't have Miiverse or StreetPass

The following information comes from a GamesBeat interview with David Young, Nintendo of America’s assistant manager of public relations:

"I can answer that we’re not going to be using Miiverse for Nintendo Switch."

Young said that the lack of StreetPass plays into the idea of the Switch as a home console, not a portable system (even if it offers on-the-go playing). Miiverse is Nintendo’s take on a social media platform for both the Wii U and the 3DS. StreetPass is a 3DS feature that let players exchange game data when they passed other 3DS owners in real life.

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Really sad about this, I love Miiverse alot :/

Am not upset really, dont use either that much, but did enjoy Miiverse and will miss it.

Both were excellent ideas (streetpass moreso) that just needed better implementation and a streamlined experience.

Hopefully they have something else up their sleeve for this new paid online subscription that will make it worth the while.

That's hands down the most disappointing thing I've heard in many years.

No joking, I love Miiverse and was hoping for an extensive revamp for Switch.

Dang, we've lost a lot with this merging of handheld and console. Stereoscopic 3D, two screens, stylus input, Miiverse, Streetpass, backwards compatibility, any semblance of cheap accessories ($69.99 for a Pro Controller? $50 per Joycon? $90 per plastic dock? Really?), free online...starting to not like the idea of Switch and I might just cancel my preorder. We'll see.

''We'll see'' really?...You just gave more than 3 strikes that causes one not to buy something so what you have pre-order now you might as well cancel it & give someone a chance who really wants it.

Fri Jan 13 17 04:55pm
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I don't think you're in no position to tell others what they find worth a purchase or not. If he is still on the fence, then he's still on the fence and you can't tell him he isn't. I'm honestly not even sure what you were thinking here

Sorry Nurio but if I can't speak my mind then what gives you the right over me when you take it out on others on here? I've seen your comments on here & you are no better.

There's a difference between speaking your mind and telling other people what to feel, think and do

The main reason I want the Switch right now is for Breath of the Wild, because I don't want to deal with the Wii U version if it's gonna suffer from technical issues like noticeable framerate drops. And of course for future Nintendo games and the lingering hope (no matter how minute) that Nintendo will actually release a proper console Metroid. So I want the Switch because although Nintendo is totally boneheaded sometimes I still love the shit out of them like a childhood friend who grew up to become a drug-addict.

I...I guess I'm in an abusive relationship with Nintendo.

Yea as of now I'm thinking of just grabbing only the Switch copy. I was planning to buy the U one as well but I'm not going to double dip anymore. Yes the prices are crazy as at work my friend & I were shaking our heads on those prices after they went up online but I ending up grabbing them anyway. I just hope at E3 they show us more unannounced games that would make those prices worth getting for.

I think that Nintendo needed to star fresh all over again. Miiverse was fun but it was never a success. and new and better hardware means no backwards compatibility which nowadays is not a great value.

Fri Jan 13 17 05:37pm
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and new and better hardware means no backwards compatibility which nowadays is not a great value.

I can understand that for sure. It's just when that's compounded with all of the other negative stuff I've been hearing it just really irks me. Like the game Nintendo gives you each month through their paid online service being a monthly rental rather than a digital copy.

No Miiverse is a horrible loss. And also a Bizarre one, considering Mii's are tied to their mobile efforts.

But I can't think of a better Mii- name for a replacement service either, so... :/

I was really hoping for some streetpass functionality. A streetpass 2.0 as it were.

Sad I won't miss Miiverse, but I sure had some fun with Streetpass. Oh well. Give us something nice in its place, Nintendo.

Fri Jan 13 17 04:36pm
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Scrap this, totally read it wrong. Gif still stands, though. My bad!

I don't care too much about Miiverse but I LOVED StreetPass. Very sad to see it go, especially if there's nothing similar to replace it,


Miitomo will replace Miiverse, noooooo!

It's possible with how they have continued supporting it.

as someone who has (and still is) playing the streetpass games, this is ridiculous. The end of an era then.

Hackers and homebrewers screw us over again.

I'll probably bet Switch won't have an internet browser and QR code support since the hacking was done by both methods on Wii U and 3DS.

Miiverse was a cool idea in practice. But it kinda spiraled out of control and became something Nintendo never really intended it to be. I mean, did they ever really expect people to use for role playing or drawing things highly inappropriate for children?

I won't miss it. I think I literally made only a few posts last year.

Street Pass is not gone & it just goes to show Nintendo is not joking when they said the next 3ds replacement is coming so that will continue it.

No Streetpass?
That really seems like a missed opportunity. It's very surprising, I honestly thought it was a given.

Fri Jan 13 17 05:01pm
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I'm genuinely disappointed by this. I think its a missed opportunity to allow these two ideas to shine.

Miiverse integration IN THE GAMES was the most fun part (which very few games utilized in any meaningful way, btw). Sad, sad, sad to see it go

I can see why there's no Streetpass on the Switch, it's portable but it's at first a home console, it doesn't really fit you pocket and it's more expensive so even if it solds really well, you're not going to see many people carrying it around. Now the lack of miiverse it's sad, maybe it's because they made it easier for people to share about the games on the facebook...

I love Miiverse. Maybe Facebook and other social media is more popular (and more dramatic) than Miiverse.

What!? Street Pass is awesome.
As someone who uses street pass almost every day this is a huge let down.

Fri Jan 13 17 06:30pm
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Why do they keep pretending that it is completely a home-console in the West?

Guessing the Facebook app wil take the miiverse role. Kinda sad, since it ws their own FB kinda thing. Was not just hoping it would be there, but thought it was an obvious choice. Ok. Facebook app or something similar.
Street pass? Come on, Ninty!!! You can hook up several NS'es....

They really need to drop the home console rhetoric and praise it's hybrid nature. If people saw this more as a handheld device they would embrace the product more. But instead by saying it's a home console it's creating a lot of negativity as it looks barely stronger than the Wii U and probably nowhere near the strength of the other consoles on the market.

The loss of miiverse is kind of ironic, considering that'd be one of the few things paying for online would justifiably cover.

I'm not gonna 100% miss it, but there's potential of Nintendo wanted to double down on it.


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