Damon Baker suggests more Switch reveals and updates coming within next few weeks

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Well he's the indie guy... not all that surprising that he'd say that.

yooka laylee is hiding in waiting...

Grant Kirkhope said on his Twitter it's already happening, so it's not really hiding in wait.

Oh I hope they do
Disappointed by the amount of currently announced games

Fri Jan 13 17 08:47pm
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We know 60 games that are coming to Switch currently.

Wait, we do? Do you have a list?

Okay, nice. That's very reassuring. I think during the presentation they even said there were 80 games in development?

Yup! I believe that's what they said during the event.

And I definitely agree that list is pretty reassuring. Hopefully we keep seeing more get added soon!

Honestly that list is pretty worrying to me. When so many of those 60 titles are eShop level/indies or ports of titles that hit Wii U and there are only 20 more in development right now? Zelda and Mario look fantastic at least.

Yay! Hype Train is returning!

I have had faith in them from the beginning and am excited for literally all eight of the games they've shown off. If they really do have more stuff to show off in the coming weeks I WISH they had played most to all of their cards last night. Just so everyone would stop complaining today. It's really bringing me down.

Sounds like an indie push more than anything. Only thing I can see from Nintendo at this point would be a Pushmo.

Well first off.. 1st part games *if they don't get delayed* look like one will come out every one to 2 months.. so I'd say that's good.

Infact I'll argue that the launch line-up for this is actually better than PS4, especially if we have good Eshop/indie support.

I mean, there are a lot of Nintendo studios (like retro) whose game we still haven't seen. On to E3 I guess.

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