Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to contain the same 48 tracks as the original game and its DLC

If you were looking for some new tracks in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, it sounds like you're out of luck. During Nintendo's live-stream from their Japanese hands-on event, one of the stage show presentations confirmed that the title will have 48 tracks, which is the same as the original game + the DLC.


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Sun Jan 15 17 02:51pm
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If you take in account the price of the base game + DLC ... technically it's less?

I have the original plus all dlc digitally on wii u i wonder if they plan to maybe do a discount for the Switch version. I have it pre ordered via Amazon just in case for real cheap too thanks to gift cards.

So the change is battle mode and a handful of characters?

Sun Jan 15 17 04:09pm
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Battle Mode
Smart Steering (basically a handicap/Super Guide for beginners)
Carrying two items at once
Two new items
4 new characters (that we know)

Then you have the portability (portable MK8 ) and local 8 player if everyone has a Switch and vaguely looking better graphically.

It's actually 5 new characters (King Boo, Bowser Jr, Dry Bones, Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy)

Well, the Inkling thing is weird, because they also split Villager Male & Villager Female into two separate characters for some reason.

Had it been like how the DLC was handled on Wii U, the 2 Inklings would have shared a slot.

Also worth noting is that both Inklings have 3 variants, like how Yoshi & Shy Guy got recolors.

Sun Jan 15 17 04:09pm
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And upgraded graphics. But yes, that seems to be all

EDIT: Actually I forgot about the stuff MoldyClay mentioned

There is a lot I am excited about for Switch on down the line, but at launch it is not that great of a proposition for Wii U owners. The one big launch game is something I am already getting and don't need a new system for. And as cool as Mario Kart battle mode is, it's not worth a double dip in my opinion. I was very happy and relieved to learn that Splatoon 2 is a completely new sequel.

Some new racers, the Battle Mode a bunch of ppl wanted, all the prior DLC added in, now portable, and 1080p [docked], and other gameplay refinements I can't recall. Pretty nice for a base re-release.

They'll definitely be more new DLC down the road anyway.

Battlemode is something I wanted a lot so that I could play with my brothers and friends. Given how expensive it would be to play the mode with more than two players, it's not that appealing anymore (another pair of controllers is like $80).

48 tracks is still incredible however as someone who bought the original game on launch, bought both DLC packs and now have to pay $50 for a battle mode that should have been there from the start and like 5 new characters and two returning items is a little pricey. The best thing about this port is that it's portable and that's not worth $50 IMO. Switch makes me feel terrible for even owning a Wii U to begin with.

If we didn't have a wii u, what would we really be missing out on that doesn't have a very similar experience elsewhere or won't be ported to the the Switch? Going to be interesting to see what is left after a few years of switch ports.

Switch makes me feel terrible for even owning a Wii U to begin with.

That makes absolutely no sense, but okay.

Amazing deal for anyone who didn't buy it first time round.

I'll probably pick it up even though I played it to death on Wii U. I wonder what the situation for Mario Kart will be on Switch though, whether there'll be an MK9 for it or if they'll just keep expanding on MK8 with significant DLC updates...

Sun Jan 15 17 03:30pm
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But still doesn't include Diddy Kong

What sucks about this is, really, that the leaks ruined most of the hype for this Port of Mario Kart. Had no one known about this before it was shown in the Presentation, there would not have been nearly this much hate for it being a 'lazy port' and such.

With everyone believing the game had 4 new Cups, and then put that as the only acceptable possibility without any official info, then yeah, I guess the hate is understandable, sadly.

Sun Jan 15 17 03:58pm
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Are ports really hype worthy anyway?

Well, if the port included a whole new set of cups, it would basically have been a brand new game that happens to include the previous game. I mean, that is essentially how fighting games work.

If they made this a MK9, I'd be much more happy.

It all depends, I suppose. However, as always, there is a lot of bias in this, and since it is a Nintendo game, it will be called lazy and too expensive. :s

Sun Jan 15 17 04:13pm
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See: One of the reasons I abhor leaks and rumors. I don't understand why people even keep up with it, because it's lose either way.

Scenario 1: The leak/rumor is 100% correct -> Surprise is ruined
Scenario 2: The reveal is worse than the leak/rumor -> You get disappointed by the reveal
Scenario 3: The reveal is better than the leak/rumor -> The leak/rumor was pointless

And Scenario 3 is very, very rare

Yeah, pretty much this. I admit that leaks and rumors can be sorta nice during long periods of no-news, but overall, I really hate leaks. :/

Imagen how epic it would have been to see live reactions to Duck Hunt Duo in Smash, had the leak not happend, for example.

There's always scenario 4, which I think is the most common. Also another lose situation.

Leak/rumor was 100% false. You got your hopes up for nothing and are disappointed.

Yep, definitely true. (I integrated that Scenario in Scenario 2, but it's good to make that distinction you did.)

Can't say I'm all that surprised. All my disappointment comes from all the rumors and leaks claiming that the game would have additional courses right out of the gate. I don't doubt that DLC for the game could happen, though. No new courses right away means that the only selling point for Wii U owners who would want to double dip comes solely in the form of the new battle mode, characters, and item system. Which may not be enough for quite a few.

evan stoopeeder
Sun Jan 15 17 04:34pm
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For Wii U owners there's basically no reason to buy a Switch before the holidays. It's too bad. If only they'd had one big title for launch. Mario Odyssey. Metroid. An actual new Mario Kart. F-Zero. Something else. Star Tropics, Mother 3, the Rabbids crossover. Final Fantasy.

Zelda, of course, is going to be fantastic. But I've got a Wii U for that.

On topic, yeah nice (MK8 Deluxe), and the game deserves some more sales. But I'm single player these days, the battle mode does nothing for me. The only thing I'd have cared about are new tracks. I can play the existing ones blindfolded by now, buying again would be just pointless.
And MK8 Deluxe means another thing: MK9 is likely some years away Sad

Uhh 1 2 Switch?

I'm in the same boat. I'm waiting for the holidays to get a Switch.

I think Summer works for those waiting, though.

If you go solely for exclusives, that gives people Super Bomberman R (launch), ARMS, and Splatoon 2.

If you are a Nintendo console-only gamer, you also get I am Setsuna, Puyo Puyo Tetris, maybe Disgaea 5 and Ultra Street Fighter II (depending if it justifies a purchase), and likely some things we don't know about yet.

Granted, for you, that will be a bit limited still (as those are primarily multiplayer-driven games). They still have single player though (even SnipperClips has single player).

(even SnipperClips has single player)
Wait, really? How does that even work?

I have no idea, but it mentions it at least two times in the fact sheet.

My best guess is you either control both at the same time some how, or you can press a button to swap between the two (think Four Swords, Tri Force Heroes or ilomilo if you played either of them solo).

That or they have some specific solo mode. Not sure.

Yes, the ones you mentioned are pretty much what I consider getting. Bomberman, Setsuna, Street Fighter.

Another thing I just thought of: If the system shortages are going to be as bad as people anticipate, many won't be willing to hold off of playing BOTW. They'll get it for Wii U instead, which likely means they are lost Switch customers until the holidays. I don't quite get Nintendo's strategy.

To be fair, and people forget this, I believe Wii U preorders were weird at first too.

We do still have a month and a half to go and preorders may be different from trying to actually get one after launch.

You also have people who skipped/sold their Wii U anyway, so they will have to wait regardless.

I think Nintendo is banking on Holiday anyway. They may be trying to create a library for holiday buyers to be like OH MAN, ALL THESE GAMES.

It feels like how 3DS was handled, so it will probably be fine, but the launch may be tough and doom/gloom.

Yeah you're probably right. And if they're actually selling all the systems they can produce, it's all good I guess.

I'm just worried (from the experience with Wii U) because the first year is so crucial. Once 3rd parties decide to 'wait and see', it's essentially too late. When are AAA games supposed to come out, if development hasn't started one year or more into the system's life cycle? So they need to be convinced right out of the gate.

Yeah. It is tough as a fan, because while it make be fine in short term to not worry about this stuff, it affects us in the long run and the decisions they may make.

Even two new cups would have been nice. I'm a little bummed.

I just had base game and never got the dlc, prolly a lot of folks too, so I don't feel bad paying for this.. If I.did have tthe dlc it would be a pass

Well...on the bright side, It looks like I'll be saving $60 at least now...

Wii U owners won't get much out of this version of the game it seems. Especially those who already paid for the dlc in the original game. Unless you're a very big Battle mode fan, I'm not sure there would be a real reason to get this.

Now if it was a bit cheaper, or if there was some kind of discount...

Well, crap. Even as a big fan of Mario Kart 8, I can't really justify buying it now. Sure, battle mode looks a bit fun, but the full-on races is where it's at for me. I was really hoping for maybe eight new race tracks.

I'm going to hold off on buying it and wait for either a price drop or DLC for new cups. And since price drops are historically rare for Nintendo, I better hope they make more cups.

On the one hand I'm with you - DLC cups might make me reconsider it.
On the other hand MK8 Deluxe already has a huge number of courses, way more than any MK before.. it's a bit inflationary and sets a tough precedent for future MK's, no?

Ultimately I'd rather see them put their efforts into the successor. MK8 Deluxe means it's probably 2-3 years away anyway, which is bad enough :/

Mon Jan 16 17 03:07pm
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I'm with you on the idea that a full-on successor would be best. What's unfortunate is that a deluxe version of 8 probably pushes back 9 by a couple years.

I avoided the DLC on Wii U due to the lack of any interesting courses or actual Mario characters (instead of reskins/abnormal guest characters), and seeing that they're FINALLY doing a proper battle mode plus 3 mario characters that aren't reskins makes me want to get this game since it pretty much will address every problem I had with the Wii U version (Which I quit playing after a few months compared to SSB which I spent the majority of 2015 playing with a friend)

Well that sucks, I really do want to get it just for the portability but I can't justify it with so little new. I'd normally say I would wait for a price drop but this Mario kart, that almost never happens until the next release

Mk8 is my most played WiiU game, but I don't understand why they think I, or the other 8 million people who bought it want to buy it again!

Full price with no new tracks is criminal!
I got Pikmin 3 free last time I bought it as part of the launch promotion, which means it will actually be more expensive this time. I'll just stick with my WiiU copy.

Yeah for us it's an expensive downgrade. I've got MK8 and equipment for 4 players ready, the same for Switch would set me back 500€.

Not hating on the game by any means, I actually think it's the only truly great game the Wii U had. And it deserves to be played by more people. It's just too bad for Wii U owners - had Nintendo not done MK8 Deluxe, we'd surely have gotten an all new MK within a year.

I hope we get more DLC down the line.

For Mario characters, I want to see the inclusion of are Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong, K. Rool, Tiny Kong, Lanky Kong, Chunky Kong, Funky Kong, Birdo, Nabbit, Blooper, Hammer/Fire/Boomerang Bro, Luma, Toadsworth, and E. Gadd.

If there were more guest characters, I'd love to see them be unlockable through Amiibos. Some guest characters I'd love to see are Zelda, Captain Falcon, Fox McCloud, Samus, Olimar, Pit, Pacman, Megaman, Sonic, Shovel Knight, Chibi-Robo, K.K. Slider, and Tom Nook.

Interestingly, I wouldn't want to see any new characters. The roster is bloated already as it is. Maybe if they merged some characters together as skins, it would be fine for me. (Metal Mario as a skin for Mario, for example.)

Yeah who cares about characters that much.. I for one wouldn't mind having just 8 to choose from, like on SNES. Tracks are so much more important in Mario Kart.

A part of me is saying "eh, I'll just wait for Mario Kart 9," but then I know it's a lie. I'll double dip just to have it on Switch.

Mon Jan 16 17 08:39am
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I'm really disappointed there isn't at least one new cup.

After seeing the Splatoon battle course I was hoping for an actual track...

Now if this game gets DLC, it'll be yet more content tied to the unstable ether of the internet, preventing any definitive edition from existing...

Have we heard anything about the amiibo functionality in this version?


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