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Super Mario Odyssey - game development nearly finished, story details, dev team ideas & more

by rawmeatcowboy
17 January 2017
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The following info comes from the Switch stage show that Nintendo put on in Japan.

- development is pretty much finished
- the producer wanted people to get hands-on, but since the release is farther off, Nintendo decided to hold back
- the theme of the game is active exploration by players
- the objective is to rescue princess Peach
- Mario goes out from Mushroom Kingdom and travels a “certain Earth” with a hat-shaped airship
- go on adventures across various countries
- many ideas were gathered from the team to implement in the game and they build each one into a playable form
- the team keeps playing those elements over and over again
- the team only throws these ideas into the sandbox if they find it to be really fun
- Mario will have more facial expressions this time
- the hat is still a secret
- in desert buildings, you can enter and explore inside
- in the desert, go and explore a tower and Tokyo Big site-esque building which you can see far away
- the forest is well-suited for exploration
- the devs are putting effort into showing nice-looking grass and sunlight through trees
- in the city, Mario can jump to the ground from the top of a skyscraper
- you can also jump on/step on humans