Super Mario Odyssey - game development nearly finished, story details, dev team ideas & more

The following info comes from the Switch stage show that Nintendo put on in Japan.

- development is pretty much finished
- the producer wanted people to get hands-on, but since the release is farther off, Nintendo decided to hold back
- the theme of the game is active exploration by players
- the objective is to rescue princess Peach
- Mario goes out from Mushroom Kingdom and travels a “certain Earth” with a hat-shaped airship
- go on adventures across various countries
- many ideas were gathered from the team to implement in the game and they build each one into a playable form
- the team keeps playing those elements over and over again
- the team only throws these ideas into the sandbox if they find it to be really fun
- Mario will have more facial expressions this time
- the hat is still a secret
- in desert buildings, you can enter and explore inside
- in the desert, go and explore a tower and Tokyo Big site-esque building which you can see far away
- the forest is well-suited for exploration
- the devs are putting effort into showing nice-looking grass and sunlight through trees
- in the city, Mario can jump to the ground from the top of a skyscraper
- you can also jump on/step on humans

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A new mechanic is that, if you jump on a police officer, Mario gets tased and had to spend a night in jail, real-time.

Can't wait~

"you can also jump on/step on humans"

Oh no... Mario's gone Rogue!

Tue Jan 17 17 02:45am
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

- you can also jump on/step on humans

First it was goombas, then it was turtles, now humans? When will the chaos end? Crying or Very sad

Next is...The World!

And people say Nintendo is for the kiddies....

I hope that, even if the game is close to done, they'll continue to polish it over the next 10 months, even if only a small team while the other people move onto the next project.

See, I was thinking maybe they could push release forward, but polishing it would probably be a better idea in the grand scheme of things.

Pushing it forward may be a bad idea.

So far it seems that each game is specifically timed so we don't get the "Drought" situation again.

Yeah, that seems to be the case. I cant fault them for holding it back til the holiday season as it's a smart business move.

Just from a fan perspective, I'd love to get my hands on it as soon as possible (with the major bugs out of the way, of course).

I both do.. and do not.

As the ones who do that may continue to work on it. The creator mentality that "It's not done yet...."

I hope went it's done, the print it and be done with it till launch. Smile

Or just get them working on the next game ... Am I right?

Better be a haunted level, I've been waiting for a good one since mario 64.

Tue Jan 17 17 04:58am
Rating: 1

I think mario's hat is actually Luigi who will help you on the way. He's been transformed in some way. Completing the game makes him playable

Heh, I remember I was able to jump on Piantas and annoy Toads in Super Mario Sunshine. It's a pretty stupid feature, but I loved it. I'm glad they carried that over the sequels, and now we can finally step on humans.

A new mechanic is that, if you jump on a police officer, Mario gets tased and had to spend a night in jail, real-time.

Can't wait~

I gotta say I'm super stoked for this game, but I can't see how anything could top Galaxy for me. I've been playing Mario games for 30 years and Galaxy was (IMO) the pinnacle of the series. It's platforming, art direction, level design, original score, and near perfect controls make it a masterpiece that has yet to be toppled by anything else since.

If Super Mario Odyssey is half as good it'll be great, so I'm still buying this day one.

What hindered the Galaxy games, and most 3D Mario Games for me was the upgrade. They were all limited by time or level. The Bumble bee suit only had a few seconds of flight before falling, the fire flower/ice flowers were given time limits similar to the super star... I hope Odyssey takes up grades into account for full levels, and let's you find different paths, or the occasional option to breeze past entire levels like in SMW!

I've never heard the term "up grade" used for the suits. I always referred to them as "power ups" but yea I understand what you mean.

Tue Jan 17 17 09:20am
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I really agree. For me, Super Mario Galaxy was the absolute best in the series. But it was missing one thing for me, and that was the Sunshine approach of a more sandbox-like world that evolves as you play, with story motivations and quite a lot of freedom. It made everything feel just a bit more real and immersive

Many countries? So that Mexican level is actually Brazil.... At least that's what "Samba de Amigo" thought me.

Will be interesting to see which countries make the cut [and also the ratio of them to the more abstract, Mario-typical levels that we've seen so far - the forest, the food world].

A Greek one [should] be there, considering the game title, and I can see a Nintendo-esque Tokyo being in there too. A UK one would be cool too [as a fellow UKer], but not expecting that at all...

They should have put in buildings that look like Kyoto.

This is going to be so cool seriously. The first trailer got me easily as excited as Zelda's first trailer.

So it really IS the Sonic Adventure of Mario games! Mario's in the real world, exploring different countries with an ongoing storyline. That's nuts!

And if it's done, put it out already! D: I don't want to wait until the holidays.

And are they confirming no fall damage? :o

Something tells me that they really wanted to make this a launch title but then slammed on the brakes after seeing the backlash for merely suggesting Breath of the Wild might not make the Switch's launch and decided to pour resources into it instead. Smart move. If BotW fails to live up to expectations like TP and SS, they'll at least have Odyssey to entice people with until E3. It's been a long, long time since people were flat out disappointed by a mainstream Mario game but Zelda's been inconsistent since Wind Waker (which ironically is now considered a classic).


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