The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ hitting Switch at launch, first retail copies include a surprise

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By now you’ve hopefully heard that The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ is coming to Nintendo Switch in retail form. What does it mean? It means that there is more than just The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on launch. Afterbirth+ will be available at retail as well as on the Nintendo eShop for $39.99 and will include Rebirth, Afterbirth and Afterbirth+ packed together as one game.

If you’re that excited about the game, it’s still available to pre-order at GameStop and Amazon. You might want to consider pre-ordering as the first few thousand copies may come backed in with something special

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$40?? Jeez they're really trying to milk me.

It's $35 on Steam considering you have to have rebirth to play afterbirth, and afterbirth+ is another expansion. This comes with all of them. $5 isn't bad. Granted Nintendo doesn't have Steam sales, but its not as bad as I originally thought.

Wed Jan 18 17 06:03pm
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That's a really good price for the physical release. The full digital bundle is around 36€ on Steam, at least here in Germany.

Is it coming (or did it already come) to any other systems in a physical edition or is this just a Switch thing?

Isaac is totally worth $40. The box is super tempting, but I might go digital just for having Isaac on the go, but with buttons unlike the iPad version, but also on the TV unlike the VIta version. So this is kinda the ultimate version, save for achievments.

Wed Jan 18 17 05:53pm
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Yeah. The latter point is the main reason I'm debating whether to buy this on Switch for the sake of extras or Steam for achievements, since Issac is a randomly generated game and the achievements are really the only major sense of progression after clearing the game and gathering items from what my friends say. It would be day one purchase if the Switch had achievements...

Wed Jan 18 17 07:15pm
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There is still achievements built into the game so you can absolutely keep track of your progression. It worked well on the WiiU. I'll probably be getting the game, it's worth it since I didn't get to play Afterbirth on WiiU.

Hours and hours of -not always fair- gameplay!

Wait it has built-in achievements? That's cool! I may get it after all then. Thanks

Wed Jan 18 17 06:18pm
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Maybe the something special is actual collectible afterbirth.

SOLD!!! they should really ask nintendo or update Haynes list of launch games

It may be of interest that when I preordered this game from Bestbuy yesterday using a credit card expiring in Oct. an error appeared stating that a credit card that expires within 15 days of the game's release is not accepted so I had to use Paypal credit.

So I wonder if this is telling of the actual release date being closer to fall.

That's odd it's listed as the March 3rd at GameStop. This press release says "launch" maybe they are using a placeholder date?

Yeah, I see what you mean at GS. I hope it's just a placeholder date and not trying to pull a fast one by making the pool of launch games seem better than what it is.

I can definitely put many more hours into this game and haven't experienced the Afrerbirth of Afterbirth+ content yet. Yup, I'm sold.

I didn't like this game on Wii U, maybe I need to give it another chance since so many people love it...


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