Nicalis teases 1001 Spikes, Cave Story for Switch

UPDATE - The icon on the far-right also seems to indicate that Hydra Castle Labyrinth is coming as well.

Nicalis tweeted out the image above, but then deleted the tweet quickly thereafter. Since this is the internet, nothing ever stays deleted! Looks like Nicalis has plans for a couple more Switch games! Thanks to DiGiTaL for the heads up!

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Are we finally going to get the definitive version of Cave Story ?

Oh boy. Cave Story is gonna be ported for the millionth time.

No love for 1001 Spikes?

Thu Jan 19 17 03:08pm
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Somebody is going to be in trouble...

Nice to get a clear picture of the UI though. Anybody recognize that fourth game?

First time seeing the UI in black. I like it.

Man Nicalis are still milking Cave Story?

...why wouldn't they though when there's fans like me out there haha. It's my favourite game and any excuse to go through it again I take (and it's also nice to support Pixel whenever possible). I really hope they come out with a left Joycon you can buy separately with a real D-Pad though. I understand why the standard one has the buttons instead of a traditional D-Pad but imagining playing a side scroller with those buttons makes me wince.

I want the same. I don't really need a Pro Controller, but I feel I have to buy one since it's the only controller with a proper D-pad. Needing to only buy a Joy-Con L would help immensely here

Behold, Nicalis-distributed games that we in Europe will have to wait at least 2 years for! Good thing the eShop is region free...


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