Is this the world's first Switch tattoo?

Reddit user Scwinsett has made a bold decision. He's gotten a very fancy Switch tattoo. Has anyone else out there seen another Switch tattoo? I think this guy could be the first! Now let's hope he doesn't regret it years later. Wouldn't want this to be the same situation as the Zune tattoo guy!

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I think he isn't the first one. Pretty certain I saw a couple in FB before this.

Not sure why the downvotes though. I mean, he's passionate about his excitement. Hell, I got a tat on my should for a game that has long since been closed.

What game? How's the tat?

It's the symbol of Arachnos from the City of Heroes/Villians franchise. I say look it up simply cause I am on mobile so posting images aren't entirely easy.

As far as I am concerned the tat is great. From the only MMO I ever played to it's final days without skipping a sub. The community and dev team just made it amazing.

Thu Jan 26 17 07:30am
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I guess because the system isn't out yet and we don't really know how it'll be and how long the Switch will actually last. It's like getting a tattoo of your future girlfriend's name before you even started going out

"Not sure why the downvotes though"

Well if you look at who downvoted it, at least one of them is self explanatory considering all they do is spew overt negativity for the sake of ruining the experience of others.

In fact, I'm surprised they didn't run into this comment section to inform us all for the 500th time that they "have a preorder but are 90% sure they will cancel it" because of how stupid Nintendo is and how bad every single decision they make about Switch is.

Ha, do see that comment a lot nowadays.

I have the lead singer's signature of the All-American Rejects on my shoulder. Haha No regrets. It was a great night.

Thu Jan 26 17 07:33am
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I've seen AAR live 7 or 8 times, so I don't blame you!

Tyson Ritter is quite the showman

Thu Jan 26 17 01:20am
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"Now let's hope he doesn't regret it years later."

he can just say it's a yin-yang symbol and the tattoo artist was drunk.

that'll be easier to believe.

Thu Jan 26 17 03:12am
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So this guy is stupid enough to use his own skin as a corporate endorsement?

Thu Jan 26 17 07:23am
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No, he was smart enough to use his own skin for something that he wanted to use it for.

Not bad, but not amazing either.
I know its not my body or choice but I would've gotten something more interesting personally.

(Says the guy with a Pulse L'cie brand)

How embarrassing for him if the Switch flops. imagine seeing someone with a "Wii U" tattoo

Thu Jan 26 17 07:26am
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Ever consider that maybe the commercial success matters less to him then his enjoyment of the console and the games made for it?

Well to each their own but I personally think it's embarrassing because I've seen the Switch subreddit and it's filled with a bunch of man children that get hyped because they see other people getting hyped

It's similar to sports teams and politics. People get excited even more seeing people get excited as well. Hell look at Wizarding World subreddit and you will see the exact replica of these actions.

Exactly what I was thinking. I mean, it's a cool-looking logo, but he should wait until he has a Switch and he knows he's happy with it.


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