Japan - 80% of total Switch preorders sold in first week

- Switch pre-orders have already surpassed 80 percent of the system’s initial shipment
- this involves preorders from the first week
- pre-orders for Zelda: Breath of the Wild are already higher than Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
- A Link Between Worlds sold a little over 200,000 copies during its initial week
- many local retailers in Japan already seem to be closing reservations for Switch

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Hope Nintendo pumps up production like they said they could

Totally agree with Bygones. I hope they make an announcement when we can expect a next shipment.
It must be close to 100 percent now because I cant find anywhere in Tokyo that I can reserve a switch...
oh well...must be patient...

I thought it had sold out of all Switch pre orders in a matter of hours in Japan. I thought it was the one region where it had the greatest interest. Now to hear this shows it's not doing as well as I had hoped. I think long term the Switch will fail though it will do the best numbers in Japan.

Read the title...It says 80% of preorders and that itself is huge coming from an upcoming system. Its almost on the same level as the 3DS if you think about it.

There is not way it will fail if Nintendo console fans and Nintendo portable fans are supporting it, there is not way. And then Nintendo will announce Pokemon LOL.

Switch sold out in Japan already check this video out from the Motherland.

Eh, my reaction to getting one wasn't THIS exciting. I think I'm too boring

The system is well on it's way to becoming a success. Lol at those thinking the Switch isnt gonna be such - there's no post-launch draught like the Wii U had year 1!

But, but, weak launch on March 3 = DOOOOOM!

I told all the critics to just wait. They will buy one eventually!

Weak launch? It's launching with a new Zelda.

I loved NintendoLand, NSMB U and the rest as much as anyone [I felt the Wii U had a good variety of first and third party titles at launch actually], but it's an example, imho, that too many at launch isn't necessarily a good thing.

How does this compare to WiiU's preorders?

Surprised it hasn't sold out preorders yet. I'm sure once Splatoon hits sales will increase even more!

Splatoon and pokemon are going to be huge hardware sellers in japan imo.


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