Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma discuss completion details in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

- you won't be able to 100% the game in less than 7 days
- the game had a long development path
- the devs tried to nurture the game as they went along
- they started by creating a field with nothing in it, not even grass
- the dev team would play it, go in and add more elements, play it again and so on
- Miyamoto says Nintendo makes two types of games: games they know will be fun from the start of development, and games they don't know will be fun until they finish working on them
- horses will run on their own and help in battles
- the physics engine had to be tweaked on an item-by-item basis
- the wind ended up blowing away in-game items that it shouldn't have, so they had to tweak that as well
- the staff kept increasing all the time, starting with 30 and eventually getting to 300
- Miyamoto became concerned what would happen if they didn't finish the game
- the devs would develop the game to a certain point, then have the entire staff play it to make sure they were all up to speed
- then the team could take on the next step of development
- this took a long time, but was very necessary and important
- the game has many different goals, all of varying sizes
- the devs played through these goals to adjust the size of them as they played
- Aonuma believes Breath of the Wild is a modern take on the freedom that you found in the original Legend of Zelda
- because the world is so big, Nintendo wanted to give players proof that there were reasons to be in the game world and you weren't wasting your time
- this lead to a lot of different types of content in the game
- with sidequests, it's easy to keep track of what you're doing and what missions you've taken on
- you can take on the final boss right from the start of the game
- Aonuma believes this would be nearly impossible, and that you should grow Link's strength/abilities to help
- you can increase Link's stamina and hearts


That is a great video.

Fri Jan 27 17 05:29pm
Rating: 1

Sounds like Any% speedrunners have it pretty easy...100%'ers, not so much :P I'm so down either way

I want this game like right now.....it's almost a month away to probably play the game of a generation for me! The time and effort that was put into this Zelda title is honestly incredible.

Fri Jan 27 17 07:06pm
Rating: 1

"- you won't be able to 100% the game in less than 7 days"

That sounds like a challenge, doesn't it?

At first he sounds like 100%ing it is not even possible.

What might this mean? Will areas re-populate after time and will there be randomly generated content in the world for...ever? :O

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