After 20 years, Team Rocket finally beats Ash in a fair-and-square Pokemon battle

No, you didn't read that wrong. Team Rocket took on Ash in a Pokemon battle and came out victorious. They didn't use any tricks or schemes. They legitimately won over Ash! Man, this new direction for Pokemon is providing all sorts of unique twists and turns!

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It's like when Tom beat Jerry!

Or when Wile E Coyote actually caught the Road Runner.


I don't want to see Jessie and James as Jehova witnesses...

Didn't they beat Ash before fair and square? I thinknit was the Wobufet (sp?) episode.

Nah...Wobbuffet couldn't handle ash's pokemon back then despite having the upper hand.

Team Rocket has Mimikyu Now, and It was about to COMPLETELY TAKE OUT Pikachu while it was out cold, only to be stopped by "their" Bewear

Hmm...there's a Nintendo metaphor here; somewhere.

We know it'll eventually happen... at some point.

I wouldn't say "fair and square." It was your usual Team Rocket battle. Then Bewear came in and ran off with Team Rocket before they could finish haha

Fri Jan 27 17 09:23pm
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how on earth did pikachu manage to lose that one.

shouldn't he be like level 100 eight times over by now or something.

Fri Jan 27 17 09:53pm
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There has been worse. Pikachu lost to a new trainer's starter snivy back in the Gen 5 anime....

Yeah but at that time, Pikachu had been wiped out by an attack from Zekrom and couldn't use its electric moves.


I still don't buy that context since Pikachu could still have use its iron tail and I think quick attack.I think ash used it once and didnt bother to try the moves again. At least it tried to justify Pikachu's nerf somewhat... but then its resolved in the same episode. Losing to Panpour would have been better if Pikachu still couldn't use electrical moves.

The anime is not the games so level is irrelevant.

Plus, Team Rocket's Mimikyu is ridiculously powerful and has it in for Pikachu

"The anime is not the games so level is irrelevant."

Not true. In the first seasons there was that episode where Ash and co. tried to skip directly to the league by taking the Pokemon SATs, and they were talking about the numeric levels at which Pokemon evolve and what level Pikachu would be learning new moves at or w/ever.

"Team Rocket's Mimikyu is ridiculously powerful"

Even without the concept of levels (or even, like, basic personal growth), Pikachu is strong enough by this point that he has hung with and periodically defeated actual legendary Pokemon in battle.

Him losing here (and omg to a freakin' Snivy lmao) is some wild shit.

Sat Jan 28 17 07:07am
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That was the 9th episode. This is the 954th episode. The fact levels have not been touched on since then is a major factor. You're conflating things. 20 years have passed since that episode

Joe, just out of curiosity, do you like the new Sun & Moon Anime Season? ^^

Sat Jan 28 17 11:06am
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I prefer XY&Z, but there are elements of Sun & Moon that I am enjoying.

Ah, I see. ^^ Well, glad you are enjoying it. It seems a lot of people are reluctant to giving it a proper chance because of the art change (and the more comical nature of it), but I hope more will try eventually. It is a very nice change of pace, even if I understand some might feel disappointed after XY finally gave many their desired 'Epid' Adventure.

Fri Jan 27 17 09:51pm
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Man, I feel like this is actually pretty much a spoiler. I'm lucky I'm not too interested in watching the anime anymore, but what about the people who do want to watch the anime? You took out that shock and surprise for them...

But is it really rewarding though? To see them win head on? I mean Jessie one time won a contest against I think May or Dawn so that counts....

Sat Jan 28 17 08:05am
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Sure it's rewarding, if you've been rooting for this to happen.
Besides, I don't know why it matters if it's rewarding or not. It's a surprise story moment from the anime that's supposed to be, well, a surprise for those people who watch the anime. With this article out, it's not a surprise for GoNintendo readers who also watch the anime. (I imagine there's plenty of overlap between those two groups of people.)

Finally. The come back of team rocket! Why does Ash look even younger than usual though!? lol

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