Supergiant Games has no plans to bring Pyre to Switch right now

Coming from Supergiant Games...

Thanks very much for your interest in seeing Pyre on Switch! While we'd love to bring Pyre to as many platforms as possible, we're a small team keeping our focus tightly on PS4 and PC for the time being. If we have any updates to share on that front, we'll likely announce those via our official site or our @SupergiantGames Twitter feed, so be sure to keep an eye out. Thanks for your support.

Sounds like it's more of a team size thing right now, rather than a lack of interest. Once the two versions mentioned are out the door, perhaps Supergiant can revisit this idea. Thanks to Pixelbuster for the heads up.

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Would love to see Bastion on Switch.

it will come to switch in no time. it would be stupid to ignore the switch, well for indies sake it would be stupid. theirs more potential to maximize game success and sales on a new platform.


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